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Which Villain's Origin Story Needs To Be Made Into A Movie?

Forget Cruella, I want Ursula's origin story.

If you've been on Twitter in the past week or so, then you've probably seen the trailer for Disney's new Cruella movie.

Disney / Via

It basically follows her journey to becoming the puppy-killing villain in 101 Dalmatians. Yeah, not fun.

It was met with pretty mixed reactions, but it got me wondering — what other movie villains deserve their own prequels?

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Maybe you'd really love to watch a pre-Hercules Hades learn the ropes in the underworld while plotting his revenge against Zeus.

Zeus invites Hades to stay and party, but he declines because he has to go to work
Disney / Via

Why were they feuding in the first place? Why couldn't Zeus just, like, let Hades party with the rest of the gods?

Maybe what you need in your life is a sweeping coming-of-age MCU film where Loki grapples with the way his father treats him and Thor differently.

Loki falls into a black hole after Odin rejects him as his son
Marvel / Via

I just really want to know what it was like for them growing up in Asgard!

Or maybe all you want is a movie about Ursula so you can finally know what drove her to collect so many poor unfortunate souls.

Ursula tells Ariel that helping poor, unfortunate merfolk is what she lives for
Disney / Via

Was she a mermaid who was cursed? Did King Triton decide to ban all magic from the kingdom like he did with human things? I need to know!

Tell us which movie villains you think deserve their own prequels and what those prequels should be about. Your comment could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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