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Non-Americans, What’s Something American Tourists Need To Stop Doing In Your Country?

When in Rome...

When you're in a popular travel destination, it can be pretty easy to spot which tourists are from the US.

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If you live outside the States, then you've probably run into some American tourists whose behavior made them stand out from the locals...and not in a good way.

TLC / Via

Maybe they got their coins mixed up while traveling from Ireland to the UK then caused a scene when you didn't accept euros in England.

Nickelodeon / Via

Maybe they asked for the spiciest dish in a local restaurant in India then demanded to speak to the manager when it was "too spicy."

Moodman / Via

Or maybe they tried to be sneaky and chip off a piece of the Colosseum to take home as a souvenir from Rome.

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We want to know what American tourists need to stop doing when they travel to your country. Tell us about Americans' worst travel faux pas in the comments! You might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!