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    These 18 Cafés Are Too Cool To Be Real, Yet Here They Are

    Caffeine and creativity go hand in hand.

    1. In Dubai, you can step into a 2-D world at Forever Rose Café.

    2. At Cup o' Joe in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, you can reserve time on the iconic orange couch from Friends.

    3. At Once Alike Coffee in Melbourne, you'll be served by Rocky the robot barista.

    4. Draughts is a board game-themed café located in a graffiti tunnel in London.

    5. The Note Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam, is decorated with notes written by people who are from all around the world.

    6. At Thanks Nature Café in Seoul, you can hang out with sheep.

    7. In Tokyo, Negative Cafe and Bar Mori Ouchi has cabinlike solo booths designed to be the perfect pessimist getaway.

    8. In Los Angeles, Carrera Café will print a custom picture on your coffee.

    9. You can quite literally have breakfast at Tiffany's at the Blue Box Café in New York City.

    10. In Paris, Shakespeare and Company Café is located inside a century-old bookstore.

    11. Purple 7 Café in Quezon City, Philippines, is completely BTS-themed.

    12. Rudimentary in Melbourne is constructed out of three shipping containers.

    13. In Anaheim, California, Requiem is a fully immersive fantasy café that has its own lore.

    14. Hobbit Café is a little piece of the Shire right in Houston.

    15. Phu Finn in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is on the lake — literally.

    16. The Hanoi Bus Cafe in Vietnam is built inside a refurbished bus.

    17. Guests are encourage to draw on the tables and paint on the fountains at Backyard Brew in Palo Alto, California.

    18. And finally, Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar, Spain, offers a simulated earthquake with every order.