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    18 Tweets About Being Cold All The Time So That You Can Laugh While You Shiver

    Can we make wearing blankets everywhere fashion? Thanks.

    Are you one of those people who wishes they could carry a blanket at all times? Could your hands be used to keep the water bottles cool on a camping trip? Do you have a personal vendetta against all the vents in your residence?

    You're far from alone, my friend. Here are just some of the many, many people on Twitter who relate to you.

    1. Nobody else seems to understand.

    nobody: Me: you not cold? I’m cold 😭

    @arm_nixx / Via Twitter: @arm_nixx

    2. You literally can't get warm enough.

    I'm literally always cold I could be on fire and still be freezing I swear

    @bvorwek / Via Twitter: @bvorwerk

    3. You have very specific needs.

    my hands always’s like.... they gotta be held or somethin 😳

    @sugarbeezy / Via Twitter: @sugarbeezy

    4. You want everyone to know how cold you are all the time.

    no one: people with cold hands:

    @m3aruf / Via Twitter: @m3aruf

    5. You'll know true love when you see it.

    true love is when one of you is always hot and the other is always cold.

    @ariesmoan / Via Twitter: @ariesmoan

    6. But there are some benefits.

    being an always cold person makes everyday onesie weather

    @laurDIY / Via Twitter: @laurDIY

    7. You could spend your entire life in Antarctica and still get cold at the dentist's office.

    I'm always cold Ppl r like "aren't u Canadian tho!?" Me: ya I freeze there 2 , I freeze everywhere ,

    @OfficialRezz / Via Twitter: @OfficialRezz

    8. You've come up with some pretty creative ways to stay warm.

    Nobody: Me: I’m cold let me get my diploma

    @NaijaNneka / Via Twitter: @NaijaNneka

    9. Like, really creative.

    THATS IT IVE HAD IT......I’m gonna microwave my socks. My feet are always freezing 😭

    @HelenAnderz / Via Twitter: @HelenAnderz

    10. You know how to use your permanent state of being to your advantage.

    it’s September 1st, time to “I’m cold” my way into a relationship

    @lil_als_ / Via Twitter: @lil_als_

    11. You need a hot latte and a warm breakfast sandwich before you're functional in the morning.

    @ameliexrose / Via Twitter: @ameliexrose

    12. You know which one you are.

    Every job got these three employees: 1. Always cold 2. Always hungry 3. Always ready to go Which one are you? 😂🤔

    @DeondreTD / Via Twitter: @DeondreTD

    13. You probably keep a pile of slippers at the foot of your bed.

    i really can't function without socks😭💔 my feet are always cold

    @_palesamashao / Via Twitter: @_palesamashao

    14. It's a constant struggle keeping your feet safe from the monster under the bed.

    My toxic trait is that my feet are always cold but when I wrap myself up in a blanket one foot gets so hot that I have to take it out of the blanket until it’s cold again and then back in the blanket to warm up, on repeat forever.

    @Kryzazy / Via Twitter: @Kryzazy

    15. You get jealous of people who don't need to wear socks 365 days a year.

    Why tf are my feet always cold? I just want normal feet man

    @MdFaiz11_ / Via Twitter: @MdFaiz11_

    16. If you were a cartoon, "I'm cold" would be your catchphrase.

    “i’m always cold” is not a personality trait

    @danadonly / Via Twitter: @danadonly

    17. Even if you live in the Sunshine State, you can't escape the shivers.

    it’s 65 I’m in a hoodie and I’m cold... I’m officially a Floridian

    @timthetatman / Via Twitter: @timthetatman

    18. And finally, being cold is basically part of your identity now.

    Cold bitch culture is putting your perennially cold hands and feet on people just to see what happens lmaoooo

    @IvyKungu / Via Twitter: @IvyKungu