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    TV Fans Are Sharing The "Icks" That Ruin A Show For Them, And I'm Sure You Agree With At Least Half

    "I hate when, on sci-fi shows, they're going to do something big, and one guy has to explain it to the rest of the crew as if they're completely clueless."

    Most of us probably have a TV show "ick" — aka a factor that makes us instantly stop watching an otherwise enjoyable show.

    Recently, redditor u/MysticalMoonbow asked, "What ruins a TV series for you?"

    Here are some of the most frustratingly true answers:

    1. "When people keep dying and then coming back to life."


    Screenshot from "Supernatural"

    2. "Characters who don't grow or learn anything from their experiences."


    3. "The 'super smart kid who talks like an adult' thing that so many horrible sitcoms do."


    Screenshot from "Young Sheldon"

    4. "In sci-fi shows, when they're going to do something big, and one guy has to explain it to the rest of the crew/group as if they're completely clueless."


    5. "I hate when characters from a 'will they/won't they' couple almost kiss, but their cellphone rings, or there's a knock at the door, or they say they can't for whatever reason. It's happened so many times, and I never expect their relationship to actually happen."


    Screenshot from "Friends"

    6. "Drama based solely on miscommunication or characters whose jealousy is painted as endearing. The writers think it's more entertaining to have their main cast act like a bunch of first graders when all the characters are in their 20s and 30s, but it's just annoying."


    7. "Forced time skips that don't let you know what happened within that time skip."


    The cast of "Pretty Little Liars"

    8. "Characters who do not make realistic decisions, and when there are no real consequences for characters who make bad decisions."


    9. "All the dark scenes — so dark that I can't see what the hell is going on."


    10. "When they just milk the fuck out of it and run it into the ground with prequels, sequels, and spin-offs. It's not the idea of making more series to build a 'universe,' it's that most of the shows tend to suffer because the creative staff is being pulled in so many directions."

    "Looking at you, Sons of Anarchy and Yellowstone."


    Kevin Costner in "Yellowstone"

    11. "Characters who start to learn or grow as the seasons go on, but then completely regress in the final season and become even worse characters, only to wrap up the series with a final, 'Ah, NOW I'm a normal human being.'"


    12. "Flanderization [which is when a little thing about a character becomes their defining characteristic]."


    Screenshot from "Boy Meets World"

    13. "Cringey, unrealistic dialogue that tries too hard to be 'current' with the lingo it has the characters use, especially Gen Z characters who are basically caricatures of what teens actually talk like."

    "Ginny & Georgia does this sooo much. I watched two episodes and had to stop."


    Screenshot from "Ginny and Georgia"

    14. "Any of the CSI shows where the crime scene guys act like cops."


    15. "Referencing real politicians in a fake fantasy world, like calling President Biden during an alien invasion. I want fictitious people in this made-up situation. Give me President Jacobson or Chief of Staff Browning. Let me have my complete escapism. Don't make me feel it's grounded in reality."


    16. "Characters who eventually become caricatures of themselves."

    "Abby from NCIS got more silly and babble-y until I could hardly stand her."


    Abby in "NCIS"

    17. "Over-sexualization when it's not necessary for the plot."


    18. "Time travel and/or alternate universes in order to bring a character back to life. There are no consequences anymore..."


    19. "If they 'jump the shark,' and the plot lines just get so fucking ridiculous that, even for fiction, you cannot suspend your disbelief."


    The cast of "Riverdale"

    20. "When the series goes on too long, so they keep extending the plot and coming up with random twists to make it seem exciting and fresh. So many series have been victims of this."

    "For example, Supernatural should have ended after Season 5, The Walking Dead after maybe Season 6, How I Met Your Mother after Season 4 or 5, Dexter after Season 4, and so on."


    Screenshot from "Dexter"

    21. And finally: "Premature cancellation."


    A priest holding a crown of thorns out to someone else

    What kinds of things ruin TV shows for you? Share your answers in the comments!

    Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.