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    Tom Hiddleston Literally Taught A "Loki Class" To The Writers Of The New Show, And I Need To Know Where I Can Enroll

    Tom, if you need a TA, hmu.

    Tom Hiddleston has been playing Loki in the MCU for a decade now.

    Loki in a scene from "Thor" released in 2011 vs. Loki in 2021
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    He's been in three Thor movies and three Avengers movies.

    With so much history behind the character, the team behind the Loki Disney+ show had a lot to catch up on.

    The show brings back the version of Loki from The Avengers (2012), so director Kate Herron called in an expert to give her crew a much-needed crash course β€” Tom Hiddleston himself.

    "I got him to do a thing called Loki School when we first started," she told Entertainment Weekly.

    Marvel / Via

    "I asked him to basically talk through his 10 years of the MCU β€” from costumes to stunts, to emotionally how he felt in each movie."

    Owen Wilson, who plays Mobius, was Tom's star pupil, interviewing him outside of class for extra credit.

    Owen in a scene as Mobius, a TVA agent
    Marvel Entertainment / Via

    He was eager to develop a deep understanding of Loki because Mobius is an expert on the God of Mischief.

    He was so moved by Tom's description of what he loved about playing Loki that he considered having Mobius say the line in the show.

    "On the 88 keys on the piano, he can play the twinkly light keys at the top, He can keep it witty and light, but he can also go down to the other side and play the heavy keys"
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    He compared Loki's emotional range to the keys on a piano.

    Tom called the moment "such a brilliant insight for me into how open Owen is as an artist and a performer."

    Mobius and Loki go on missions together
    Marvel Entertainment / Via

    We'll get to see how Owen and the team's studies β€” and Tom's teaching skills β€” paid off when Loki premieres on Disney+ June 9.

    Marvel / Via

    I wonder if Tom has a Rate My Professors page.

    And if they ever open enrollment for another semester of Loki School, sign me up.

    Marvel / Via

    I'd love to get my master's in Marvel studies.

    For now, we'll have to settle for this hyper-speed crash course:

    View this video on YouTube

    Marvel Entertainment / Via

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