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If You Can't Answer A Trivia Question For Every Decade Of The Last Century, Then You'll Be Stuck In The Past Forever

It's all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

You're on your way to your favorite local coffee shop for your daily dose of sugar and caffeine, eyes glued to the awesome BuzzFeed article on your phone, when SMACK! You run headfirst into an odd-looking telephone booth.


The mysterious humming grows louder, so you step inside the strange box. Then — BAM! The door shuts, the lock clicks, and the hum morphs into a strange whir.

A screen materializes before your eyes with a message — nay, a challenge:

The time has come to play a game, Impossible trivia is the name, Visit each decade for a century gone, blend in but don’t take too long, If you fail, you’ll be trapped, so your trip begins without a map, Love, the Time Trickster