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Servers Are Sharing The Little Things Customers Do That Piss Them Off, And Some Of Y'all Need To Be Taking Notes

"If you don’t tip me, I have to pay 2-10% just for the pleasure of serving your cheap ass!"

If you've ever worked in food service, then you know there's no such thing as an easy day on the job.

You probably (hopefully!) want to make your server's life a little easier. However, you could be doing things that piss them off without even realizing it.

A while ago, we wrote about the little things you're doing that piss off restaurant employees. The servers in the comments had even more to say.

Here's what they said really ticks them off:

1. When customers expect their orders to be ready instantaneously:

2. When they don't tip, and it actually ends up costing the server:

it forces servers to sacrifice their own already low wages

3. When they try to pull the "I know the owner" card:

spoiler alert: they probably don't actually know the owner

4. When people don't pick up their to-go orders on time:

time is ticking

5. When they applaud a broken dish:

6. When they refuse to even tip a penny:

7. When customers steal a server's pen:

the pen is mine

8. When they yell at the cashier for the kitchen's mistake:

it's not the server's fault

9. When customers get their order to-go then sit down and eat it to avoid tipping:

you can't see me

10. When they expect wait staff to literally wait right next to them:

11. When they make a reservation for a huge party then forget to cancel:

12. When customers camp out at the tables after close:

I live here now

13. When people "tip" with praise:

you're a freaking delight

14. When people get drunk and hit on their servers:

I don't ever want to see you again

15. When they don't stay in their assigned seats:

I should have left you outside

16. When people let their children run wild:

17. When they give a crappy tip:

you're intensely frugal

18. When people demand free add-ons:

19. In conclusion:

treat people wit kindness

If you work in a restaurant, is there something annoying customers do that was left out? Let me know in the comments!