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Servers Are Sharing The Little Things Customers Do That Piss Them Off, And Some Of Y'all Need To Be Taking Notes

"If you don’t tip me, I have to pay 2-10% just for the pleasure of serving your cheap ass!"

If you've ever worked in food service, then you know there's no such thing as an easy day on the job.

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Servers are often overworked, underpaid, and still bringing you your food with a smile on their face. But add in hangry customers, and you've got a recipe for disaster. 

You probably (hopefully!) want to make your server's life a little easier. However, you could be doing things that piss them off without even realizing it.

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A while ago, we wrote about the little things you're doing that piss off restaurant employees. The servers in the comments had even more to say.

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Here's what they said really ticks them off:

1. When customers expect their orders to be ready instantaneously:

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"I work at a cafe and had a lady make a call-in order. She told us when to have it ready and didn’t give us a chance to tell her how long it would take. So when she showed up, her order wasn’t ready because we were busy, and she literally made everyone stop what they were doing to pay attention to her complaining and blaming us for her being late. If you’re running late for work, don’t order food!"


2. When they don't tip, and it actually ends up costing the server:

it forces servers to sacrifice their own already low wages
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"A lot of people don’t understand that servers usually have to tip out, meaning we pay the kitchen staff and hosts/bartenders out of our pockets a percentage of our total sales, not our tips. So if you don’t tip me, I have to pay 2–10% just for the pleasure of serving your cheap ass!"


3. When they try to pull the "I know the owner" card:

spoiler alert: they probably don't actually know the owner
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"One time, a customer was throwing a fit because I wouldn’t give her stuff for free, and she threw the 'I know the owner' at me. I smiled at her and said, 'Yes, I know him too, as he’s my boss. I know he wouldn’t be okay with me giving away free product.'"


4. When people don't pick up their to-go orders on time:

time is ticking
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"People come 40 minutes late or after closing time to pick up their food when people just want to go home."


5. When they applaud a broken dish:

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"Clapping when glasses break seems like such a dick move."


6. When they refuse to even tip a penny:

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"I hate, and this sounds stupid, when people get like a penny back and don’t drop it in the tip jar. Like shit, I get a dollar and change in tips, and I can’t use my card for everything. I once fumbled a guy's change, and a quarter fell into the tip jar. He had me get it out."


7. When customers steal a server's pen:

the pen is mine
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"Not tipping is a jerk move. Stealing my pens when I have five to six tables all splitting checks? Just heartless."


8. When they yell at the cashier for the kitchen's mistake:

it's not the server's fault
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"I understand bringing it back if your food is missing something, and I have no problem getting it corrected for you, but if you start throwing shade at me for no reason, then I will be annoyed."


9. When customers get their order to-go then sit down and eat it to avoid tipping:

you can't see me
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"They would leave a huge mess of their to-go boxes and expect us to wait on them too."


10. When they expect wait staff to literally wait right next to them:

CBC / Via

"You ask a customer if they need another minute, and they say, 'No, I’m ready; don’t go anywhere.' Then they study the menu for another five minutes... Dude, I’ve got stuff to do!"


11. When they make a reservation for a huge party then forget to cancel:

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"Please, please, please call and cancel your reservation if you're not coming! It's not as big a deal for a two-top or four-top, but if you no call/no show for your 12-top dinner reservation, you're a dick. This happens multiple times a week (always big parties) in my tiny (15-table) restaurant and costs the restaurant and staff money. We set those tables aside for you up to TWO hours in advance and wait another 15–30 minutes for you to show. We could have seated many more people, but instead turned them away just for you to be lazy and not call. We won't judge you if you have to cancel, just let us know!"


12. When customers camp out at the tables after close:

I live here now
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"I still have to clean up after you leave, so you staying until midnight when we close at 9:30 affects me (and others) more than you may realize."


13. When people "tip" with praise:

you're a freaking delight
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"I always say that the folks who tell you how great you are but barely tip you are giving you a 'verbal tip' to make up the difference."


14. When people get drunk and hit on their servers:

I don't ever want to see you again
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"I always hated it when drunk dudes would come in and be super obnoxious about hitting on me. Thank you, but you've already been here half an hour, dumped everything from the table onto the floor, and now you won't order something without finding out if I'm into you or agree to a date with your drunk self? Hard pass." 


15. When they don't stay in their assigned seats:

I should have left you outside
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"When I was a host, I hated when people would ask to sit somewhere else. There's a host for a reason, people."


16. When people let their children run wild:

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"Teach them to behave at a restaurant, or keep them at home."


17. When they give a crappy tip:

you're intensely frugal
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"My BFF and I worked together in many restaurants over the years, and a few times when getting a shitty tip, she’d give it back to them, saying they obviously needed it more than she did. Of course she’d get in trouble, but dammit I admired her balls."


18. When people demand free add-ons:

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"When I worked at Donatos, one customer placed a carry out order that was about $120, and he had the nerve to ask me if he could get a drink for free. I said I couldn't do that and he was all 'but I paid this much.'  I was like, 'I don't really care.' Surprisingly, he didn't tip."


19. In conclusion:

treat people wit kindness
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"The bottom line is that good servers are just human beings trying to make a living, just like you and me, so don’t be an asshole!"


If you work in a restaurant, is there something annoying customers do that was left out? Let me know in the comments!

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