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    26 Extremely Embarrassing Things Way Too Many Americans Do While Traveling Abroad

    "Stop announcing you’re American in a voice that implies we’re jealous of you."

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community, "What’s something American tourists need to stop doing in your country?"

    Here are their best — er, worst — answers:

    1. "People from America need to stop acting like everyone in the UK knows the queen."

    Netflix / Via

    2. "In Mexico, stop saying things like 'martes de tacos' or taking pics with us just to tag them like 'here are some indígenas we just found.'"

    Disney Channel / Via



    3. "Stop thinking Brazilian women like being told they are 'sexy' or 'caliente' or that we're extremely sexual."

    Ugh, as if
    Paramount / Via

    4. "If you come to Italy, please stop ordering a latte. In every Italian cafe, they would give you just a plain glass of milk (in fact, latte means milk in Italian)."

    just a glass of milk
    Skaman306 / Getty Images

    "Instead, order a caffé latte."


    5. "Don't smoke weed on the streets in the Netherlands."

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    "Only tourists and Dutch losers do that."


    6. "If you come to Norway, please remember that we speak English and understand you perfectly fine when you talk shit about us to your friends/family."

    7. "If you come to Australia, I beg you to not say 'shrimp on the barbie' please."

    same with "g'day, mate"
    New Line Cinema / Via

    8. "Czech person here! I get a little bit upset when Americans think that we're some sort of poor Eastern country and then act surprised that we aren't."

    Pop TV / Via

    "This guy once asked me if we're allowed to watch The Simpsons and if I know that something like that even exists..."


    9. "Be a bit more reserved when it comes to places of remembrance. I've been to several countries (the killing fields in Cambodia, war museums in Vietnam, churches/war memorials in the UK and other European countries) and often found American tourists misjudge what is appropriate behavior and be very loud, even laughing and joking, in places where it's really disrespectful to do so."

    No one deserves to be treated like that
    New Line Cinema / Via

    10. "Native American here. Please don’t walk into homes uninvited in Pueblo villages. We are not living museums."

    HBO / Via

    "Yes, many artists, jewelers, and potters welcome you into their homes, but many of us are just regular people who want to sit in our living room in our underwear."


    11. "Stop coming to Ireland and talking about how your great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather's dog was Irish, so you're Irish and you're so glad to be home."

    MGM / Via


    12. "I'm from Paris, and it's always strange to see American being overly dressed in the streets."

    Emily in Paris dressed in bright colors and bold patterns that made her stand out
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    "I mean, I get this is the fashion city, but French people dress really simply, so it's easy to spot tourists."


    13. "Please don’t act like Europe is one big country. Every European country is very different from another, even when they’re neighboring countries."

    eye roll
    Zendaya / Via

    "We all have our own culture, history, and habits."


    14. "I feel like this goes for all tourists, American or not — the subway/underground/tube entrance is not a place to stand and take a photo."

    People taking a selfie on the subway.
    Anna Bizon / Getty Images/Gallo Images ROOTS Collection

    "Neither is the platform, in crosswalks, or in middle of the street."


    15. "Stop telling people from Melbourne that we're pronouncing our city’s name wrong."

    A woman rolling her eyes
    VH1 / Via

    "It's not Mel-born, it's Mel-bin. And when we correct you, fucking listen!"


    16. "Americans should stop trying to speak Spanish with natives when they’re visiting Brazil. We speak Portuguese, not Spanish."

    DreamWorks Pictures / Via

    "Some of us speak Spanish too, but it’s not our official language. Most of us don’t speak Spanish and will just give you a weird look."


    17. "When you visit Finland, please keep your voice down. Some tourists are very loud, and it disturbs the quiet we value and are used to."

    John Krasinski shushing in the movie "A Quiet Place"
    Paramount Pictures / Via

    18. "Stop assuming that Canadians will apologize to stop lights if we bump into them in order to avoid conflict."

    Pop TV / Via

    "We're more polite than Americans are, but we're not stupid or spineless."


    19. "They can’t drive a car with stick shift! I’m Italian, and I was on holiday with my family on a small island in the south of Italy where you can rent only small and quite old cars with stick shift. I remember seeing one of the people working at the rent shop trying to teach an American family how to drive with stick shift."

    we're all Dionne from "Clueless" trying to drive on the highway
    Paramount / Via

    "The sound was horrible, but I can understand the difficulty!"


    20. "A lot of American tourists expect American-style service when they're abroad. Most European countries don't do that because they're more reserved."

    Seth Meyers saying, "Can you go get your manager?"
    NBC / Via

    "I've seen a lot of American tourists think they're being snubbed or ignored when it's not the case, and no one means offense."


    21. "If you come to Italy, don’t order a cappuccino after 12. It’s a breakfast beverage!"

    hot coffee isn't an afternoon drink
    Tom Werner / Getty Images

    "Also, stop drinking other things while eating. In Italy, we usually dine with water, beer, or wine."


    22. "I'm from a small island nation. Please stop aggressively posing with wildlife so you can get a good Insta! If you 'hug' a resting sea turtle, it really stresses them out, and if you stand on the corals, it kills them."

    Katy Perry takes a selfie with a monkey
    Vulture / Via

    "You’re damaging our ecosystems with your disrespect."


    23. "In the UK, please stop trying to be everyone's friend. It's lovely to know you're a very friendly and sociable nation. However, I don't particularly want to make a friend whilst traveling to and from work on the train."

    Universal Pictures / Via

    24. "Stop coming to the Netherlands to buy pot. They’re actually changing the rules so you need a local ID."

    Sony Pictures Releasing / Via

    25. "In the UAE, I know it’s cool to rent sports cars and I have no problem with it, but when you guys go 200 on a 60 road (kmph), it puts the rest of us in serious danger."

    you're not Lightning McQueen
    Pixar / Via

    "I get that Dubai is a party city, but people live here too."


    And finally...

    26. "Stop announcing that you’re American in a voice that implies we’re jealous of you. We’re not."

    Academy Awards / Via


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

    Did we miss any terrible tourist faux pas in your country? Tell us about them in the comments!

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