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    I'm Sorry To Jake Gyllenhaal, But These 24 Jokes About The Scarf He Stole From Taylor Swift Are Just Too Funny

    Just return the darn scarf, Jake.

    Taylor Swift's recent release of Red (Taylor's Version) — specifically, the 10-minute version of "All Too Well" — has a lot of people talking about a certain artifact from the singer's past: a scarf she wore during her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, who's widely speculated to be the subject of the song.

    The scarf she sings about has made several appearances during the Red (Taylor's Version) era — All Too Well (The Short Film), the "I Bet You Think About Me" music video, and Taylor's merch store.

    the scarf is worn by the bride in the music video and the girlfriend in the short film

    And, while "All Too Well" is a crying-in-the-shower kind of ballad, the response to all the scarf hoopla has been hilarious.

    So, here are 24 of the best jokes about Taylor's scarf:

    1. The queen of Twitter has spoken:

    It does not belong to you. Box it up and I will pay the cost of postage, Jake.

    @dionnewarwick / Via Twitter: @dionnewarwick

    2. This parallel:

    Taylor giving the bride a scarf is a bit like Joe Jonas meeting Sophie Turner and finding out she's a huge Taylor Swift fan.

    @my_swiftie_era / Via Twitter: @my_swiftie_era

    3. Taylor's SNL appearance made the news on Weekend Update:

    did Colin Jost really tell you know who to return the scarf on national television

    4. I don't think someone with a million dollar couch needs a free scarf, though:

    Was Jake Gyllenhaal bad to Taylor Swift? Yes. Can we blame him for wanting a free scarf, in this economy? I do not think so.

    @ronnui_ / Via Twitter: @ronnui_

    5. Truer words have never been spoken:

    taylor swift's scarf walked so her cardigan could run

    @taylortrudon / Via Twitter: @taylortrudon

    6. I mean, we all saw All Too Well (The Short Film):

    dylan o'brien can have all my scarves

    7. It was a Gucci scarf, to be fair:

    blondie's really going at lengths to get her scarf back huh

    8. Honestly, nothing should surprise us at this point:

    I've been in this fandom 13 years and how am I even surprised when she does thing like that scarf emoji, taylor is so unhinged and I love her for that

    9. Jake's sister could break the internet with a single scarfed-up selfie:

    I hope Maggie Gyllenhaal is enjoying that Gucci scarf

    10. The sequel we didn't know we needed:

    all too well short film: the scarf runner

    11. Seriously, she deserves it:

    someone get miss swift her scarf back she seems pretty distraught over losing it

    12. Don't pretend this scarf is new news:

    have you heard about the scarf theory, do not cite the taylor lore to me i was there when it was written

    13. It's all I can think about too:

    the scarf invades my mind at the strangest of moments

    14. She can have one of my scarves, it's no big deal:


    @swiftiereads / Via Twitter: @swiftiereads

    15. Mr. Tumnus, you better give that back:

    @olsonkatemarie / Buena Vista Pictures / Via Twitter: @olsonkatemarie

    16. Okay eBay, put your money where your mouth is and create a policy preventing him from selling the OG scarf:

    Hey Jake Gyllenhaal, we know all too well how much you love scarves! How about owning your own so you don’t have to keep @taylorswift13's? This one here’s nice, if not, we’ve got 242,666 other listings to choose from? 😉🧣

    @eBay_UK /eBay / Via Twitter: @eBay_UK

    17. Good for her:

    taylor swift willfully ruining jake gyllenhaal’s year because of a three month relationship and a stolen scarf

    @mencxni / Via Twitter: @mencxni

    18. If someone stole my expensive scarf, I'd be mad too:

    Nobody: Taylor Swift coming for Jake Gyllenhaal 10 years after the fact because he kept her scarf:

    @hellotorifletch /@taylorswift13 / Via Twitter: @hellotorifletch

    19. An important question:

    What is Joe Biden’s plan to get Taylor Swift her scarf back

    @alyssa_schoener / Via Twitter: @alyssa_schoener

    20. The power:

    literally the power of one single scarf emoji

    21. Blake and Ryan could solve this whole mess:

    So jake gyllenhaal and ryan reynolds are friends, taylor swift and jake dated, ryan is married to blake lively, ryan and blake are good friends of taylor. They could definitely get her scarf back.

    @SpeaknowRising / Via Twitter: @SpeaknowRising

    22. Oh look, another Easter egg:

    all I can think about is that little plastic red tag in the scarf at the end of All Too Well #TaylorSwift

    @Korsoto / UMG / Via Twitter: @Korsoto

    23. The role of a lifetime:

    sarah paulson to play taylor swift when they do a season of american crime story about the stolen scarf

    @spfanlana / Via Twitter: @spfanlana

    24. And finally:

    Taylor Swift calling Joe Alwyn after amassing an army of Swifties ready to take over the world for a red scarf and a crumpled piece of paper

    @openly_alex / Via Twitter: @openly_alex