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    23 "Evermore" Tumblr Posts That Are As Good As "No Body, No Crime"

    *cries in cottagecore*

    1. This throwback meme:

    suddenly-im-respecsable / Via

    2. This perfect plan for the Evermore tour:

    a-blank-space / Via

    3. This description straight out of a Jane Austen novel:

    champagnemythicalthing / Via

    4. This proof that success is the best form of revenge:

    getmewiththosegreeneyes13 / Via

    5. The truth about the "Woodvale" theory:

    marveloustimeruiningeverythingg / Via

    6. This story straight from a true crime podcast:

    togrowupthatbeautiful / Via

    7. This strangely accurate description of the Evermore listening experience:

    heavybreathingswift / Via

    8. This honest truth:

    baseball-caps-and-crowns / Via

    9. This character development:

    tuesday-wine / Via

    10. This concern for Joe Alwyn:

    namegoesup / Via

    11. This appreciation for the writer, star, and director of the "The Man" music video:

    cassianandfenrysaremyboyos / Via

    12. This country cat:

    slowmotiondoublevision / Via

    13. This post that has me very in my feelings:

    imhereonthekitchenfloor / Via

    14. This Swiftmas celebration:

    dyeditkeylimegreen / Via

    15. This aesthetic theory:

    fauxklore / Via

    16. This person who could only react with words from Taylor herself:

    wildestdream / Via

    17. This astute observation:

    bitchintaylor / Via

    18. This celebration of Taylor's specific skillset:

    badnovels / Via

    19. This new life goal:

    thebluetint / Via

    20. This complete 180:

    cruelsummerswift / Via

    21. This upcoming episode of Doctor Who:

    shedidntevenswear / Via

    22. This example of girls supporting girls:

    thestarsinyoureyesshined / Via

    23. And finally, this post every Swiftie is feeling rn:

    emma-eliza / Via