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    Twitter Is Loving Sylvie From "Loki," So Here Are 22 Tweets Screaming About How Much We Stan

    She's the superior Variant.

    The third episode of Loki dropped on Disney+ today, and it was, of course, amazing.

    I'm pretty sure there's one thing we can all agree on: Sylvie is pretty dang cool.

    she's played by Sophia Di Martino

    Twitter is loving Sophia Di Martino's portrayal of the Variant as well, so here are 22 tweets screaming about how phenomenal Sylvie is:

    1. She's stealing hearts left and right.

    #loki spoiler . . . . . . dear loki and sylvie, I know my pronouns are she/her, but I would love to change them to yours/only

    @lokiiusreligion / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @lokiiusreligion

    2. Both Loki Variants are as adorable as they are dangerous.

    // #loki spoilers . . . . . . loki and sylvie to each other the entire episode

    @sledgehamur / Via Twitter: @sledgehamur

    3. They might as well start rehearsing this duet for the next TVA karaoke night.

    #LOKI SPOILERS #LokiWednesdays #CountdownToLoki . . . sylvie and loki after they discovered that they are both bisexuals with mommy issues

    @multijuneb / Lions Gate Home Entertainment / Via Twitter: @multijuneb

    4. She's burdened with glorious beauty.

    #LOKI SPOILERS . . . . . can we talk about how pretty sylvie is though. cause oh my god

    @_tonyskid / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @_tonyskid

    5. She's got a line of people ready to be the next princess of Asgard.

    // loki spoilers! - - - - - - does this mean sylvie likes women cause like im right here

    @wlwrogers / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @wlwrogers

    6. She deserves a spot on the Revengers.


    @hiddlescandi / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @hiddlescandi

    7. Odin wishes he was this powerful.

    #loki spoilers . . . . these four are literally too fucking powerful, hela, thor, loki and sylvie siblings supremacy

    @frogteaset / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @frogteaset

    8. Where is Sophie's Emmy?

    #Loki spoilers // episode 3 - - - - - sophie di martino played sylvie amazingly and no one can deny me on this one

    @lipasloki / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @lipasloki

    9. We need a Wanda/Sylvie spinoff series.

    #loki spoilers - - - something sylvie and wanda both have in common…

    @olsenswidow / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @olsenswidow

    10. Those theories that she's actually Sylvie Lushton (aka the Enchantress) are still flying.

    #loki spoilers - - - - loki nation to sylvie last week:

    @616sLOKI / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @616sLOKI

    11. I mean, c'mon, she basically confirmed it.

    #loki - - - Sylvie: “I’m sylvie now” Loki fans:

    @noncc11 / Via Twitter: @noncc11

    12. New theory: somewhere out there in the universe, Sylvie is actually Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place.

    #Loki SPOILERS (kind of?) episode 3 - - - - - - - - - - Eleanor Shellstrop and Sylvie have the same vibes and the common factor is chaos

    @CitrineMochiArt / Disney+ / NBC / Via Twitter: @CitrineMochiArt

    13. I don't blame her — that plan was YEARS in the making.

    #LOKI SPOILERS // episode 3. . . . . . . . No one: Sylvie after Loki ruined her glorious purpose:

    @andthenhetweets / Pixar / Via Twitter: @andthenhetweets

    14. But she's not the type to look back.

    #Loki - - - - the way sylvie just walked away at the end like "im so done with this shit" LMFOAJSHDSJ

    @lemonmaximoff / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @lemonmaximoff

    15. Loki is giving her more trouble than she signed up for, tbh.

    #LOKI SPOILERS 🚨 - - - - sylvie: “you’re drunk” loki: “no, i’m just full” sylvie:

    @lokiokidokey / Via Twitter: @lokiokidokey

    16. Sylvie, you're in our thoughts and prayers.

    #LOKI SPOILERS - - - - - - sylvie screaming and loki standing there watching like

    @MarinaTouma / Playhouse Disney / Via Twitter: @MarinaTouma

    17. Life imitates art.

    #Loki spoilers . . . . . . . sylvie did the meme!!

    @deansfreewill / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @deansfreewill

    18. It's been a great day for Sylvie stans everywhere.


    @agathascoven / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @agathascoven

    19. She's about to be everybody's new wallpaper.

    Her smile is the cutest thing I saw today! #Loki #Sylvie

    @King_slayer_13 / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @King_slayer_13

    20. This is important👏 information👏 people👏.

    #loki spoilers - - - me explaining how sylvie and loki are not a couple not love interests whatsoever

    @lokisloverr / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @lokisloverr

    21. Marvel might as well go ahead and open the casting call for Sylvie's Season 2 love interest now.

    // #Loki spoilers • • • me at marvel headquarters asking them to let me be sylvie’s girlfriend in the next season

    @C4STAMERE / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @C4STAMERE

    22. In conclusion:

    Sylvie was so good in this #Loki episode like wow. I’m a stan now I fear

    @cbmroyale / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @cbmroyale