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    18 Very Funny Tumblr Posts About “Say Yes To The Dress”

    "It's fun until people purchase a dress that’s worth as much as my house."

    1. The next Avengers movie:

    santiagobroketheglassceilng / Via

    2. The real reason the show is so popular:

    feministfront / Via

    3. This pitch TLC might snatch:

    rvacoffeestain / Via

    4. The game of "Where's Pnina?" you can play every episode:

    twinedjupiters / Via

    5. This oddly specific insult:

    lezscully / Via

    6. The drama the entourages bring:

    nellysketchenstuff / Via

    7. The respect Randy deserves:

    betweenstarsandsatellites / Via

    8. This very good point:

    booksrockmyface / Via

    9. Todrick taking a page out of Pnina's book:

    thebitchchronicles / Via

    10. This very relatable post:

    teandburnttoast / Via

    11. This accurate representation of the viewing experience:

    kvotheunkvothe / Via

    12. The number of microwaves you could buy instead of a dress:

    the-synesthetic-virgo / Via

    13. The fierce friendships:

    rainbow-femme / Via

    14. This new rule:

    sonyalone / Via

    15. That post-SYTTD slump:

    help-i-need-a-cool-username / Via

    16. The support we deserve:

    itstrulyastrangerthing / Via

    17. The emotional roller coaster every episode takes us on:

    freshwizardginalinetti / Via

    18. And finally, this beautiful truth:

    mckaylamoors / Via