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    People On Reddit Are Sharing Their Stories Nobody Will Ever Believe, And I'm Amazed But A Little Freaked Out

    "I held a stick straight up in the air while pretending to be a magical creature, and then it immediately started raining."

    Has something ever happened to you that was so unbelievably improbable that...well, nobody believes you?

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Recently, Reddit user u/Regularpaytonhacksaw asked, "What is your 'nobody will ever believe this' story?"

    Here are some of the most ~unbelievable~ responses:

    1. This totally random celeb sighting:

    Sony Pictures Releasing / Via

    "Heath Ledger was sitting in my seat on an airplane when I was about 13 on a family holiday. I knew him only from 10 Things I Hate About You , and it was my FAVORITE FILM EVER. He was in the right seat but on the wrong plane, and he jumped up and ran across the tarmac — simpler time, small airport in Spain."


    2. This avian presence:

    Comedy Central / Via

    "When my grandpa passed away in November of 2008, I was at my dad's house. The front yard is almost enclosed by pine trees. I kept hearing weird noises, so I decided to go outside and see what it was. We shined a light on the trees and were greeted by many, many pairs of eyes. There had to be at least 20 owls just hanging out in the trees. My grandpa had an interesting way with birds, and we had a very close bond. That was the only time the owls had ever been to our house.

    Then my Mastiff passed away last year. I was home alone, brushing my teeth, when I heard the familiar sound. There they were — owls in the trees. It was a completely different time of year, 12 years later. The owls keep watch."


    3. This ne'er-do-well who didn't heed the warnings in Hamilton:

    CBS / Via

    "I was once arrested for 'dueling'. That was the charge."


    4. This encounter that was definitely written by a Dalek:

    BBC / Via

    "I was in a bookstore once, and my friend, being a huge Doctor Who fan, was looking at some Doctor Who books in the sci-fi section while I looked at Star Wars books. I came around the bookcase to see what he was looking at and I started saying how boring Doctor Who is.

    I then started roasting particular actors who had played the Doctor, especially Colin Baker. I was ripping into this guy and how shit of an actor he is and over-acted everything and was just the worst Doctor ever. My friend and I both looked up, and standing where I had been standing five minutes before with this huge grin on his face was Colin Baker."


    5. This potential Bee Movie sequel:

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    "I saw a bee eat a piece of cheese. It was horrifying. I didn’t know it was possible."


    6. This grand display of skills:

    ABC / Via

    "I once threw the inside of a pen at least nine feet clear across a room and skewered a fly that was annoying me. I felt like a ninja and have no way to prove it to anyone."


    7. This magnificent encounter:

    Led Zepplin / Via

    "My SO was at a coffee shop many years ago in Amherst, Massachusetts, when a guy walked in, head down, and just sat on the stage. He pulled out a steel guitar and started playing.

    My SO ignored it for a bit before he realized the guy was playing Zepplin tunes. He walked up to ask the guy where he learned to play those tunes on a steel guitar when the guy looked up. It was John Paul Jones."


    8. This magical artistry:

    TBS / Via

    "Fourteen years ago, I just starting dating my now wife. She was a massive Harry Potter fan, and we had gone on a holiday to New York. As we had no money, taking the Staten Island Ferry seemed like a good idea, so we went across. Upon landing, we realized there was not much to do, so we ended up doodling on each other with an eyeliner. Daniel Radcliffe was in a play called Equus at the time, in which he appears naked. So I drew a picture of a naked wizard on my girlfriend. We laughed and thought nothing of it.

    Later that evening, we grabbed some beers and sushi and went to eat them in Central Park. As we were sitting on the top of some rocks, we saw a person climbing the rocks in front of us. I looked at the face of the person and said, 'That’s Daniel Radcliffe.'

    He came and had a beer and chatted with us. Only afterwards did we realize there was a doodle of a wizard boy on my girlfriend's arm all the time we were talking to him."


    9. This Peter Parker parkour:

    Marvel / Via

    "I was lying in bed watching a movie and too lazy to move. I saw a small, harmless spider drop down from a thread on the ceiling. Even if it wasn't venomous, I didn't want to share my bed with it, but I also didn't want to move. Not thinking it'd actually do anything, I reached out my arm towards it and started waving my fingers at it in annoyance. To my absolute surprise it immediately stopped its descent and actually retracted back up its line while I was sitting there in surprise."


    10. This rom-com in the making:

    Lifetime / Via

    "I took the Chinatown bus back home from college and sat next to this guy. We didn't talk the whole way. Then four months later on the bus back to school, after being home for the weekend, I sat next to him again. We talked a little. His girlfriend lived in my home city, so he would take the bus to visit her sometimes. We went our separate ways.

    A year later, I sat down on the subway coming home from work, and the person next to me said, 'No way, it's you?' He fed me some cheesy line like, 'I think the universe is trying to tell us something, ' which I totally bought. We dated for a year before I moved back home (which is why he and his girlfriend back then broke up). It was mutual and probably the best relationship and breakup I ever had."


    11. This sibling telepathy:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    "When I was 8 and my sister was 7, we both had the same dream and ended up sleepwalking together in the night out into the middle of the road. Earlier that day we had new neighbors move into the house behind us. They had two daughters around our age that we quickly made friends with. Well, that night my sister and I both dreamt we were running in a field full of sunflowers, picking them for our new friends. I felt so happy and carefree in the dream, and I could see my little sister running alongside me, also picking sunflowers.

    Well, when we woke up, my mom and our neighbors were there telling us that we had both been sleepwalking around outside together holding hands, and about to walk into the middle of the street when my neighbors (not the ones we had just met) who had just got home, spotted us. It's now been 20 years, and we still remember everything the same and stick by our memories of that night."


    12. This lucky dog:

    BBC / Via

    "I was at a friend's off-grid cottage with our combined number of 16 dogs. We were out for a romp in the woods to take out a problem beaver dam. We finally get through enough that water started pouring through and my friend realizes her key fob is missing.

    Cue massive panic. The other key fob is over a three hour drive away. One of her dogs that was up on the dam with us stuck his head into the moving water and pulled out the key fob."


    13. This real-life Disney princess:

    Lionsgate Films / Via

    "My dog and I were on a walk on our local college campus one weekend, and he nosed a lilac bush that was apparently full of little butterflies. They all took off into the wind and then proceeded to do a perfect little spiral around me.

    I was so dumbfounded by them all that I was spinning in circles trying to see them all, which probably contributed to them doing a spiral. I was making air currents with my dress, but then it culminated with them landing on my head like a crown, presumably because of the sweat. Butterflies are weird like that. My dog, by this time, is sitting nearby waiting for me to get over it and keep walking, looking majestic as heck with his own little smattering of butterflies hovering around his face."


    14. This person who owes Jimmy Fallon a thank you note:

    NBC / Via

    "I drove up to the NBC studios in Burbank to try out for a TV game show. After the audition, I was wandering around and came upon the Tonight Show studio.

    There was no one around so, I went up to the stage and sat in the host's chair."


    15. This brainy bird:

    Fox / Via

    "I was five, and we'd just moved to a new house. My mom had sent me outside to play while she unpacked stuff. The house had recessed can lighting under the eaves on the outside. There was a bird in one of the light fixtures trying to unscrew a bulb. It was using its wings, feet, and body pressure to work the bulb around.

    I went inside like five times trying to get my mom to come outside to look, help me scare off the bird, help the bird, or whatever. I was constantly met with the response of, 'birds can't unscrew lightbulbs, go play'. It eventually got the bulb unscrewed, but the bulb flipped upside down and blocked the hole on the light fixture. Unfortunately, Birdy electrocuted itself. I went inside and told my mom, 'Well, it got it out.' Then I went back to play. She laughed it off assuming it was just part of a make-believe story or something.

    My dad came home, I pointed it out to him. He got the ladder, fixed the bulb, and removed the body. Both parents were sad they didn't get to see a bird unscrew a lightbulb. It never happened again in the 15 years we lived at that house."


    16. This not-so-brainy bird:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    "I got hit by a bird while on a rollercoaster once. It hurt. I hope the bird was okay."


    17. This relative of Sabrina Spellman:

    The Daily Dot / Via

    "I held a stick straight up in the air while pretending to be a magical creature, and then it immediately started raining heavily."


    18. This unfinished business mobile:

    Off the Jacks / Via

    "I grew up in a haunted farmhouse. Sometimes at night you would hear a car drive up the gravel driveway and wait outside the house, but when you looked outside, there was no car to be seen. Sometimes you would hear the sound of a car speed off the driveway (but equally no car to be seen).

    One time, I managed to see the car. It looked my dad's old car, but my dad had died years ago. Parked on the driveway, there was just darkness inside the car (no driver). I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back, the car had disappeared.

    My dad died in a cold case (but was probably murdered). Sometimes you'd hear a ghost walking around the house at night, and my brother wondered if my dad had become trapped as a restless spirit ghost because of his unsolved case."


    19. This super ant:

    Boomerang / Via

    "I watched an ant pick up its injured friend with its two front legs and run away on its last two legs like a human would."


    20. This very luck grandma:

    BBC America / Via

    "My grandmother once spent a week in New York watching musicals with friends. She told me that she was walking across the park by herself and ripped her purse. Two very nice men helped her get her things together and then insisted on getting a pic of the three of them for her grandkids.

    It was Sean Astin and Elijah Wood. She had no idea."


    21. And finally, this pup who pays his own bills:

    Abby the Golden / Via

    "One day, I noticed my dog standing at the glass door with something in his mouth. It was a $5 bill. We went to Burger King and grabbed him a cheese burger for a reward.

    The next day, he was at the door with $1, so we got him another burger. I figured it was only fair, as he paid for it."


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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