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    18 Questions I Still Have About Disney Channel Shows As An Adult

    I demand to know why the Wizards finalé did Max Russo so dirty.

    Growing up, Disney Channel was my bread and butter.

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    My favorite part of second grade was rushing home to catch an episode of Lilo and Stitch: The Series, and I was a huge Sonny with a Chance stan a few years later.

    However, as the years go by, there are still a ton of questions about my favorite Disney Channel shows that haunt me.

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    So, without further ado, here are 18 questions I still have about Disney Channel shows as an adult.

    1. Why did Jackson Stewart never have a secret identity on Hannah Montana?

    He even worked as Hannah's assistant for an episode
    Disney / Via Disney+

    The episode where the paparazzi spread a rumor he was dating Hannah Montana was weird enough, but nobody posted pictures of him hanging around backstage at a Hannah Montana concert outside of that? If the show was set in 2021, the Hannah stans would've already found his private Instagram, employment history, and mailing address.

    2. Why did they let every Russo sibling except Max keep their powers and expect us to be okay with it on Wizards of Waverly Place?

    Jerry bestows the family sub station on Max
    Disney / Via Disney+

    Alex got to be the family wizard, Justin got to be the headmaster of Wiz Tech, and Max got...the family sub shop. It's hardly fair, and he didn't even get to make it to adulthood with his powers.

    3. Why did Lizzie McGuire's parents let her go on an international school trip where there was only one chaperone?

    she was brand new
    Disney / Via Disney+

    Sure, it worked for the plot, but they didn't even know Ms. Undermire, the high school principal, well enough to trust her. The school could've at least sent Mr. Dig.

    4. Why did Josh (a college freshman) tell Maya (a high school freshman) he liked her on Girl Meets World?

    Josh tells Maya he'll "play the long game" with her
    Disney / Via Disney+

    He even admitted that he had a problem with their age difference! To make it worse, he was supposed to be chaperoning her high school trip when he told her. That should've been a huge red flag to Maya.

    5. Why did Professor Crumbs leave Wiz Tech in the hands of a college student?

    Crumbs is retiring, so he asks Justin to take his place
    Disney / Via Disney+

    Just because Justin was smart doesn't mean he was qualified to lead the discount Disney Channel Hogwarts. He didn't even win his family wizard competition.

    6. How were the air ducts in the Tipton Hotel strong enough to have multiple people crawling through them every day on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?

    London and Zack could both crawl in the same duct without issue
    Disney / Via Disney+

    Is super strength a property of air ducts I just wasn't aware of?

    7. Why did Sonny leave So Random on Sonny with a Chance?

    they just started making So Random without her
    Disney / Via Disney+

    I know why Demi left Sonny with a Chance, but we never got a canon reason why her character left the comedy show and was replaced by the star of their rival show, Chad Dylan Cooper.

    8. What did the "mystery prize" that Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea won in a contest look like on That's So Raven?

    Chelsea and Eddie accidentally destroyed the prize
    Disney / Via Diseny+

    It annoyed me to no end that we never got to see it. I'm just gonna assume it looks like a Roomba with ears.

    9. Why was Joe, Kevin, and Nick's band called Jonas when their last name was Lucas on JONAS?

    they still had the same first names
    Disney / Via Disney+

    Why couldn't they keep their real last name, especially since they used their real first names?

    10. How did *that* Halloween episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ever make it to air?

    Esteban led the seancé
    Disney / Via Disney+

    You know, the one where they have a séance in a haunted suite and Esteban is possessed? Even though they reveal it was a prank in the end, it's still one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen. Who signed off on that?

    11. Why did Rico's dad leave his business in the hands of an actual child on Hannah Montana?

    Rico was always hanging out at the surf shack
    Disney / Via Disney+

    I always thought it was weird that Rico was basically Jackson's boss. Shouldn't he at least have hired a manager? Was Rico the manager? Did he get paid? Wasn't he too young to legally work?

    12. Why were the Ross parents just...never home on Jessie?

    they even video called into Christmas
    Disney / Via Disney+

    Even as a director and a business magnate, surely they could've spent more time in New York City.

    13. How did advanced music and art skills qualify 11-year-old Chyna and Fletcher to skip straight to high school on A.N.T. Farm?

    they should've been in sixth grade
    Disney / Via Disney+

    Maybe they could've taken music or art classes at a high school level, but every single class? The only character the A.N.T. program made sense for was Olive, who had an eidetic memory.

    14. Why did Teddy and Spencer get back together after he cheated on her in Good Luck Charlie?

    they broke up in the first season and got back together in the finale
    Disney / Via Disney+

    Even after giving us the bop that is "Two-Timing Pig," she still got back together with him multiple times. She deserved better.

    15. Did Arwin and Carey Martin end up together on The Suite Life?

    Zack and Cody tried to get them together
    Disney / Via Disney+

    I always hoped they were endgame.

    16. How did no one recognize Robby Ray Stewart — a famous country singer — with a fake mustache?

    it was so obviously fake
    Disney / Via Disney+

    He won the award for worst disguise of all time. Surely the parents of the Hannah fans could've recognized him, mustache or not. It's not like it was that great of a fake mustache to begin with. Besides, if he was so famous, wouldn't there be at least one article published about his teenage daughter who looked an awful lot like Hannah Montana?

    17. If Trish was always getting fired from various mall jobs, why did Austin trust her to be his manager on Austin & Ally?

    she was his manager, and Ally was his songwriter
    Disney / Via Disney+

    I mean, I guess she was good at that job, but how did he see her track record for getting fired on the first day and think, "This is the person I want to put in charge of my career"?

    18. And finally, was Perry the platypus paid for his work as a secret agent on Phineas and Ferb?

    he worked hard
    Disney / Via Disney+

    Or did the O.W.C.A. exploit animal spies for free labor?

    Do you have any theories or answers in response to these questions? How about questions of your own? Leave them in the comments!

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