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    25 Questions I Have For Only Children

    Having your own room? Can't relate.

    As someone who is the middle child by a literal minute, I have a lot of questions for people who don't have siblings.

    I have two sisters โ€” an identical twin and a younger sister. We also count our family dog as our baby brother. We grew up with major Full House vibes.

    While I couldn't imagine my life without my sisters, I sometimes wonder what it would've been like to be an only child.

    I always had someone else to help me with the dishes, but I never did get my own room.

    Only children, please enlighten me.

    A young boy sits on the sofa with his smiling parents.
    Prostock-studio / Via Getty Images

    1. Who gets to hear your random midnight musings?

    Saturday Night Live / Via YouTube

    I can't imagine not having someone who can remember the name of the actor who was in that thing in the middle of the night.

    2. What was having your own room even like?

    Paramount / Via GIPHY

    Did you build a closet to rival the one from Clueless? Set up a miniaturized version of your room for your American girl doll? Build a mountain out of your folded clothes rather than put them away?

    3. When you played pretend, did you just...cast yourself as every character?

    Disney / Via

    I never would've known which High School Musical character I was if my twin sister hadn't assigned me the role of Ryan so she could be Sharpay.

    4. Do you sing all the lines on a musical soundtrack?

    Disney / Via GIPHY

    Even now, I only know Angelica's parts.

    5. How do you reach the snacks from the backseat on road trips?

    A grabber for reaching things
    Santje09 / Via Getty Images

    Maybe you're the reason gift shops sell those grabby things.

    6. Who did you even hang out with on family vacations?

    TBS / Via GIPHY

    Did you make friends at the pool? Sign up for the hotel's children's activities and hope for the best? Find other lonely kids building sand castles on the beach?

    7. Or were you allowed bring a friend?

    ABC / Via GIPHY

    It's okay if that friend was a book.

    8. Do you think of your family pet as a sibling?

    CBeebies HQ / Via GIPHY

    And are they the favorite child?

    9. Do you have a lot of inside jokes with yourself?

    Sabrina says she's normal, so she's gotta go tell the cat.
    ABC / Via

    Or maybe no one gets why you're laughing but the cat.

    10. Did you ever make up a cool older sibling to brag about?

    CBS / Via GIPHY

    Maybe you were the kid who tried to convince the class you were related to a celebrity.

    11. Who do you start drama with when you're bored?

    E! / Via GIPHY

    Kim's career wouldn't be the same without Kourtney and Khloe.

    12. How long does it take you to get through a bottle of shampoo?

    Salon Line / Via GIPHY

    On my own, it takes me like a month, but I have Rapunzel-level hair. If you had shorter hair as a kid, you must've only needed new shampoo every six months.

    13. What do you post on National Siblings Day?

    Glee / Via GIPHY

    You could always spend the day campaigning for a National Only Child Day.

    14. Growing up, did you feel like your family's sole source of entertainment?

    Netflix / Via

    Even if no one paid attention?

    15. How will you choose a maid of honor/best man/honor attendant?

    Universal Pictures / Via GIPHY

    Wedding planning seems stressful enough already.

    16. Did the DCOM Quints give you nightmares?

    Disney / Via

    It made me appreciate having only one younger sibling, TBH.

    17. But did you daydream about having a The Parent Trap experience?

    Disney / Via GIPHY

    I still think it would be cool to find a secret triplet.

    18. What do you do with all your hand-me-downs?

    Menswear Dog / Via GIPHY

    Your old clothes are probably cuter on the dog anyway.

    19. Do you walk into your parents' room when you're bored?

    Disney / Via GIPHY

    "I wanna be where the people are..."

    20. Do you carry on full conversations with yourself?

    BBC America / Via GIPHY

    I bet you're great at working through problems on your own.

    21. Do you like to live vicariously through sibling-centric shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

    E! / Via GIPHY

    Every family with siblings jokes about needing their own reality show.

    22. When you run out of toilet paper or forget a towel, who comes to your rescue?

    OWN / Via GIPHY

    Siblings can act as highly specialized personal assistants/superheros.

    23. Whenever you accidentally broke something, who did you try to blame?

    Universal Pictures / Via GIPHY

    Did you try to convince your parents the house was haunted?

    24. Do you get a lot of invasive questions about why your parents didn't have any more kids?

    Late Night with Seth Meyers / Via GIPHY

    Alexa play "None of My Business" by Cher Lloyd.

    And, finally...

    25. Do you think learning you're an only child changes people's perception of you?

    Bounce / Via GIPHY

    You must get sick of hearing, "That makes sense."

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