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    People Who Get Paid Well To Do Basically Nothing All Day Are Sharing What Their Jobs Are

    "I make $55 an hour to sit on my butt and watch DVDs. That's with no college education, and really anyone with any customer service experience can get into this field easily."

    No matter how much you enjoy your current job, you've probably daydreamed about making decent money doing something a whole lot easier.

    A while back, redditor u/coco-beanz asked, "People who have insanely easy/lazy [jobs] and make good money…what do you do?'

    Here are 14 of the top responses:

    1. "I work for a university part time. My job is an e-learning assistant. Basically, if someone is too foolish to start a Zoom meeting, they call me, and I tell them how to do it. Haven't had a call in 18 months. Still get paid."

    2. "While in school, I worked in a gym (still do but less) once or sometimes twice a week on the weekends. It consists of basically sitting around and doing nothing except help a customer once or twice in my 6.5h shifts and clean up at the end of the day. I earned about 450€ (in Germany) monthly and didn't (and still don't) have to pay for membership (35€ a month)."

    "There are also lots of cool perks, like private changing room for the coaches, a spot to store my own barbell (I'm a powerlifter), and free parking anytime in our city center. 

    Have to say I got lucky, because most other gyms aren't as chill but still great if you don't want do do much."


    "I work part-time at a gym during the evenings. My only responsibility is to walk around and re-rack the weights people use and don't put back. The whole time I'm there, I get to work out and lift weights, so I literally get paid to exercise."


    3. "I sit in my car for 27 hours a week (three nights) for $700 watching a parking lot filled with vans. If I don't work at all for a week, I still get $250."


    "[Looking out for] catalytic converter thieves."


    4. "Work from home programmer. No physical labor, no dealing with customers, no commuting, no pants. Just meetings and occasionally writing code. I get paid like an engineer."

    "Is it fair? Absolutely not! But hey, it's unfair in my favor."


    5. "I work for an answering service. I'm one of two night guys, and I work from home. Given how slow nights are, I pretty much sit around watching TV, reading books, etc."

    6. "UX work on software, apps, and websites (no coding). One to three hours a day. From home. In my underwear. Six figures."


    7. "One of my best friends...was the art director for a major financial institution. His only job was to ensure branding guidelines were being followed across all the many different groups. They would send him the materials or present to him on a call, and he would provide detailed feedback. That's it. He worked about two hours a day, and his base salary was $200k."

    "He did this job for 18 months before quitting because he felt [like] his brain [was] dying from playing video games all day."


    8. "I worked for a school district. I was hired under the pretenses that I was going to be doing sysadmin work. I started doing this work, until the union literally stepped in and told me I was working too hard and to stop. After some arguments with my boss, the union got their wish. I was getting analyst level pay, picking up the phone saying, 'Have you turned it off and on again?' on repeat."

    "I got so bored that I automated 95% of my job with PowerShell and recorded my voice to save me the breath of saying the same things over and over again. I began dabbling with AI to try to get the calls fully automated after a while and only bug me when the AI couldn't fix the issue. I was bored out of my mind until I finally found a WFH job that pays about the same. 

    And yes, my 'government' coworkers took full advantage of this. Two-hour lunches, leaving early every Friday, doing maybe one hour of real work a day, and the rest just hanging out and laughing. I will say, I watched some neat movies while I worked there and taught myself a lot of technology to help me advance in my career, though. But I felt bad knowing my salary was being paid by tax dollars, and I wasn't doing any real work."


    9. "Growing up, my friend was a bread-shelfing person. They'd go to a store, take bread from the back, and put it on the shelf. It got to be so easy, they grabbed a second route, then a third. Each route was 40 hours, and you were supposed to check the stores two times a day, three on holidays and storms. They just didn't and gave each shift manager a business card to call if it needed stocked early. 120 (no OT pay) hours a week pay for probably 18 hours worth of work."

    10. "Security for government facilities. I make $55 an hour to sit on my ass and watch DVDs…assuming the TV and DVD player aren't broken. That's with no college education, and really anyone with any customer service experience can get into security easily."

    "I hate my job, though. No cell phones, no internet access. The dude on day shift broke our TV a while back; we went like four months with nothing but staring at the wall to do. You can't get up and walk around, you don't have regular TV channels, there aren't any radios, and as I said, nothing with WiFi/bluetooth/microphones or cameras are allowed in. So…you just sat, for 12 hours….It sounds nice, but after hour three, you wanna puke."


    11. "Packing boxes in a pharmaceutical factory. It's easy but boring."

    12. "I work for a unionized food/drink production facility that is largely automated. I babysit systems, do a little hands on work here and there, and react to alarms going off. Also, I play a lot of Diablo."

    "No degree or special skills required, but I am stuck on a midnight shift basically forever. 

    It's a great gig that pays $80-100k a year, and it is SO easy, but the low productivity and zero merit-based decisions still make it frustrating at times. Seniority is king, so there is no incentive to work harder than anyone else — it literally will do nothing for you."


    13. "I work in a casino overseeing a team of hosts. Their job is mainly to print membership cards, sign people up as members, and handle general enquiries. I motivate them, handle promotions and responsible gambling, as well as talk shit with my team all day and just generally chill. Four days on/three days off, five weeks annual leave a year. About $90k."


    14. And finally: "I was recently hired for $150k a year to help a video game studio produce high-quality cinematics. They're not actually making any right now, though, so I don't really do much all day."

    "I have to imagine it will change at some point, but it's been four months. I'm honestly not sure why they hired me."


    Do you make a good living working a job you feel is easy or "lazy"? What do you do, and how'd you get the job? Share your experiences in the comments!

    Some entries have been edited for length/clarity.