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    20 Kids Party Entertainers Shared The Wildest Things That Happened To Them On The Job

    "It triggered a domino effect of eight girls vomiting all over their tea and pastries. "

    Recently, we asked the former children's party entertainers of the BuzzFeed Community to share their wildest stories from working as character performers. Here's what they had to say.

    DISCLAIMER: While we can't 100% confirm all of these stories, these people are supposedly speaking from their own experiences as alleged former party entertainers.

    Some submissions include topics of sexual assault.

    1. "My husband is a very big intimidating man, and he would perform as Darth Vader and Batman. One particularly hot day, he suffered heat exhaustion, and all 6 feet and 6 inches of Darth Vader came crashing to the ground like a tree."

    Lucas Films / Via

    "After making sure he was okay, the assistant told the kids that the force must be incredibly strong in them, as they had just succeeded where many Jedi had failed before them — in taking down Darth Vader. He got a big tip after that party."


    2. "I was an elf at a Christmas party and parked far from the venue so nobody would see me get in or out of my car. After the party, the kids caught up to me as I headed to my car and said, 'Santa left you,' so I told them the car was a reindeer Santa had disguised for me. The kids said, 'No, that’s not yours, that’s robbing.' This went on for a good 20 minutes. I convinced them if I could get in and start it without keys, then it’s mine (I have keyless entry and ignition)."

    New Line Cinema / Via

    "Then they taught me how to drive. It was really cute, but it was a close call of ruining the magic."


    3. "I was coming from a previous gig as a pirate to a private event in an Indian restaurant to be Spider-Man for three hours. My assistant no-showed, and I ended up half naked in a Spider-Man suit in the kitchen of this restaurant with the head chef trying to zip up the suit for me and the parents bursting in screaming for Spider-Man. I spent three hours unable to see well and dying of embarrassment, being mauled by 40 little kids all demanding balloon animals. "

    Marvel / Sony / Via

    "Before I left, the chef had to help me out of the suit as well. The poor man saw my butt twice in one night. I wasn't tipped at all. I quit the next week."


    4. "I was hired to do a 30-minute Shimmer Genie appearance for a little girl's party at a banquet hall. About two minutes after I arrived, the little girl's father was arrested and carted off by multiple police officers."

    Disney / Via

    "Immediately after he was escorted away, almost every guest left. I was left standing there, in a Genie costume, with a 4-year-old girl. I stayed for an hour and a half just hanging out with this poor kid."


    5. "I was dressed as Anna and was at a party with another girl as Elsa. We were all sitting on the floor while Elsa was singing 'Let It Go.' I had a child sitting on my knee, and what can I say, she let it go...and peed all over me."

    Disney / Via

    6. "I used to dress up as Cinderella for children's birthday parties. We would let the kids dress up, have a fashion show, and then have a tea party. Well, one of the kids choked on something during the tea party and vomited."

    Fox / Via

    "It triggered a domino effect of eight girls vomiting all over their tea and pastries. I definitely didn't get paid enough to deal with that."


    7. "I was Belle a few times for kids' birthdays. I stopped because the sheer number of husbands confiding in me about how much they wanted to leave their wives was unbearable."

    Disney / Via

    "Nobody tried to mess with me, ask me out, or do anything inappropriate. Maybe childhood figures are easy to confide in? I had one tell me while staring at his child from across the room on her birthday that he wishes 'none of this' had ever happened."


    8. "One time, when I was dressed as Anna, I went to go pick up my Elsa for a birthday party. I parked in front of her house. We were super friendly, and she had texted me to let me know to just come on in when I arrived. I walked up and busted through that front door, loudly announcing that I had arrived. A family eating dinner just stopped and stared at me."

    Disney / Via

    "I was in the wrong house. I didn’t say anything else. I backed up and shut their door and RAN TO MY CAR. I was a few houses off. They all looked the same."


    9. "I had to do an hour-long party in a Mickey costume in the middle of summer without any kind of assistance. Well, about 30 minutes into the party, when I was overheating, I stepped into the client's house and vomited in the middle of their kitchen. "

    ABC / Via

    "I actually left with a big tip (I'm sure out of pity), but it was absolutely mortifying. I'm pretty sure a kid saw me without the head too."


    10. "I attended a birthday party at a pub once. It was outdoors in a field near some horses. Let's just say I was wearing a huge blue ballgown and some clear shoes a size too big. When I would bend down, they would slide off! As I bent down to give a child a hug, the shoe slid off, and I felt something move under my foot. I stood up and felt warmth as I adjusted the shoe."

    Fox / Via

    "The warmth then moved. I screamed. I turned away and bent down again to 'adjust my glass slipper.' I have never seen so many baby frogs in my whole life! I then found that I had two little frogs at the back of my shoe!"


    11. "We did a Peter Pan and Tinker Bell party. My Peter Pan performer was a previous theme park cast member, so when he said he doesn’t usually use more than one or two pins to put his wig on, I didn’t argue, even if I disagreed. During story time with Tinker Bell, Peter sat with the children to watch. Slowly, I saw a child creeping up being Peter Pan, snatch his hat, and take off running. Peter’s wig, attached to the hat, went with it."

    Disney / Via

    "Peter ran after the child and into the nearest hiding spot, a bathroom. The children, in shock, followed him, banging on the bathroom door for him to come out. I had to move the children away and sneak his hat and wig back in for him to regroup. A little girl looked at me and said, 'Why is Peter Pan bald? I don’t understand?' Face palm."


    12. "I worked for a company that did princess home parties. I went as Belle. One time, we were playing a game of 'pass the teacup' with Chip. I was explaining the song we sing, and one kid said, 'Why not instead of that song, we whisper burn, burn and get louder and louder?' The kid then proceeded to demonstrate by whispering and slowing getting louder."

    Disney / Via

    "It was so creepy and super hard to stay in character without laughing and also running for the hills in terror."


    13. "I run a party princess business and assist the girls during parties. We were doing an Ariel event where my actor performed in her mermaid tail for the first half of the party then would get changed into her ball gown for the second half. Princess performers are pretty comfortable around each other, so it isn’t exactly bizarre to sit around in your underwear during a quick break — which is exactly what Ariel was doing when the birthday girl slammed the door open to see Ariel in her KNICKERS."

    Disney / Via

    "I screamed. Ariel screamed. The kid screamed. It was a mess. The parents were apologetic, but the magic was well and truly ruined."


    14. "At a Frozen party, we were doing a special dance to 'Let It Go' when the back of my costume COMPLETELY tore open."

    NBC / Via

    "Thank goodness the kids were in front of me, and our assistant was behind me. I didn't notice it had ripped, and she worked literal magic to fix it from behind before the kids could see. Within minutes, it was like it never even happened!"


    15. "We were at a local theme park on an Alice in Wonderland day, and I was the Queen of Hearts. Now, as a villain I’m pretty used to being booed, having people heckle me, etc. But one day, the kids in the audience picked up some gravel, got right up close to the stage, and started to throw it at my face. "

    Fox / Via

    "I managed to stay in character for the rest of the performance, but I was in tears when we got back to the dressing area. I really didn’t want to go back on for the next show."


    16. "About five years ago, I was playing Elsa for a 6-year-old's birthday party that was being held in a church basement. My costume was beautiful, but the fabric was very thin, and my shoes were silver, glittery, four-inch high heels. It was snowing that evening (which worked well with the Frozen party theme), and I had to park my car around the corner to avoid having any of the kids see me get out. I walked to the door as slowly and carefully as I could across the ice, even though I was freezing in my costume."

    Disney / Via

    "When I got to the church door, the birthday girl's dad came out to meet me. We had to go down a set of stairs to get to the party room, and instead of a graceful entrance fit for the Queen of Arendelle, I slipped and fell all the way down the stairs. My heels flew off, my skirt got pushed all the way up my legs, and the whole party of 6-year-olds and their parents saw me fall."


    17. "I was hired as the Grinch for a country club’s Christmas party. I would take pictures with families and do arts and crafts with the kids. One woman (probably in her 40s) came up and sat down next to me and ask for a pic. After I agreed, she put her hand at the top of my thigh."

    Universal Pictures / Via

    "She kind of squeezed it and held it there. She also tried flirting with me and whispering in my ear. I could tell the lady was a little drunk, and I tried to brush her away. I was 17 when this happened."


    18. "I showed up to a young kiddo's party, and the adults were HAMMERED. A group of dads continuously hit on me and my moderator while attempting to grab me through my dress. We left the party with a fantastic tip, but we blacklisted and warned other companies about every parent we could identify. "

    Fox / Via

    "It took everything in me not to tell the kids to close their eyes so Belle could slap the shit out of their parents."


    19. "I was scheduled to face paint for a little boy's party at a park. They requested Spider-Man last minute, so my little brother agreed to help. We got there, and there was a jumper and a ton of kids. My brother, being a good sport, went into the jumper because some of the little ones requested it. A few minutes later, a pack of about 10 preteens jumped into the jumper and proceed to gang up on my brother."

    Marvel / Via

    "They were pushing, shoving, kicking, and punching him. I ran over and pulled him out, and NONE of the parents stopped them. My poor brother's mask was almost pulled off, and his costume ripped."


    20. "A family hired me to be Justin Bieber for their 7-year-old's birthday party. I'm a 6'2" big guy, so I showed up in skinny jeans, a BAD wig, and stunner shades. I had to play guitar and sing 'Baby" to this little girl who CLEARLY knew some random man was impersonating Justin Bieber."

    Def Jam Recordings / Via

    "Halfway through my performance, she stood up and left, and I had to sing to a half-empty room of adults who were judging me. The video is still on YouTube, and I watch it whenever I need a cringe laugh!"


    Editor's note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or/clarity.

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