27 "Great" TV Shows People Say Aren't Actually Worth Watching — And You Might Disagree

    If I never see another episode of Friends, it'll be too soon.

    Sometimes, TV shows become so wildly popular that, even if you've never watched a single episode, you know all the major characters and storylines. However, once you actually turn one on, it's not always as fabulous as everyone made it out to be.

    Recently, Reddit user u/Greenmask98 asked, "What is the most overrated TV show?"

    Here are some of the top responses:

    1. "Definitely Bridgerton. There is not one likeable person on the show, and the storylines are not that interesting."

    Simon Basset

    2. "I was on The Bachelorette, and even I couldn't watch it."

    I don't know what the hell is going on, but it's weird

    3. "Well, I hate Riverdale. I grew up reading the comics, and they sucked all the joy out of it and replaced it with edgy young adult drama."


    4. "The Flash from Season 5 onwards...it's just the same shit again and again. Barry thinks he's not fast enough to beat the bad guy; then he gets fast enough to beat the bad guy."

    Flash runs super fast

    5. "Pawn Stars. It's literally boomer nostalgia, and it's all fake too."


    6. "Friends is hyped as a classic, but it's not funny at all."


    7. "Seasons 1–2 of Arrow were great. Then the CW executives starting pushing for love triangles and teen drama. By Season 5, it was basically One Tree Hill in the DC universe."

    Green Arrow

    8. "Entertainment Tonight — 75% of the episode is them playing the theme music and teasing some innocuous segment to come later."

    host meeting celebs on the red carpet

    9. "Married at First Sight. So many people think the drama is good, even though it's all staged."

    contestant drinking champagne

    10. "The Walking Dead. It just goes on and on and on."

    Daryl Dixon

    11. "13 Reasons Why should have ended with Season 1."

    Hannah Baker

    12. "The Bachelor. I couldn’t even watch it when my friend was on it."

    Bibi crying

    13. "The Big Bang Theory jumped the shark around season 3 or 4, and they kept that crap up for...eight more seasons?"

    Sheldon and Amy

    14. "So, I love The Office, but in real life, for every one person I find who likes it, I find three more who are trying way too hard to like it because 'it's so popular' or 'a friend is watching it.'"


    15. "Grey's Anatomy isn’t even about Meredith anymore. I just don’t get why it had to persist through basically a complete change in the cast and focus."


    16. "The 100 kept adding unnecessary characters."


    17. "Supernatural. I liked the first few seasons, then it seemed like everything became angel, demon, king of hell, mark of Cain, repeat. The fans also go way overboard on their obsession with the lead actors."


    18. "This Is Us. My fiancé watches it all the time, and it's never not begging its audience for tears."

    19. "How I Met Your Mother. Ted annoys the hell out of me."

    Ted Mosby

    20. "Without the fake drama, Lego Masters would actually be one of the best shows of all time."

    I wouldn't even want to wish that on my nemesis

    21. "Saturday Night Live. It's horribly unfunny 90% of the time."

    Pete Davidson

    22. "Breaking Bad. The entire show was so predictable."

    Walter White

    23. "SpongeBob. None of the episodes made any sense."

    Spongebob doing finger guns

    24. "The Mandalorian. You're literally watching a video game."


    25. "I watched the first season of Westworld, and it was pretty good...but it had some serious flaws in terms of theme. It seems to have gotten a bit lost after that."


    26. "Shameless. If one more person tells me to watch it, I’m gonna scream."


    27. And finally: "The Masked Singer. It’s gimmicky, tasteless, and over-the-top awful."

    T-Rex mask