15 Nepo Babies Who Are Like Third Generation Hollywood Royalty

    "Nepotism baby" typically refers to a celeb whose parents are famous, making it easier for them to get ahead in Hollywood. For some, however, their Hollywood lineage goes back further because their grandparents were stars way before they were born.

    A lot of fresh faces in Hollywood have parents who are already famous. However, for some, fame runs even further back in the family because their grandparents were also celebrities.

    Here are 15 celebrities whose grandparents were also famous:

    1. Zoë Kravitz's paternal grandmother is actor Roxie Roker, who famously played Helen Willis on The Jeffersons.

    Zoë's dad is singer Lenny Kravitz.

    Zoë with Lenny

    2. Dakota Johnson's maternal grandmother is model and actor Tippi Hedren, who played Melanie Daniels in The Birds.

    Tippi and Dakota embracing

    Dakota's mom is actor Melanie Griffith.

    Dakota, Tippi, and Melanie on the red carpet

    3. Chris Pine's maternal grandmother is actor Anne Gwynne, who was widely known for starring in horror movies like Black Friday and House of Frankenstein.

    His mom is actor-turned-psychotherapist Gwynne Gilford.

    Gwynne and Chris smiling

    4. Riley Keough's maternal grandparents are singer Elvis Presley and actor Priscilla Presley.

    Her mom is singer Lisa Marie Presley.

    Riley and Lisa standing together

    5. Scream Queens actor Billie Lourd's maternal grandparents are actor Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher.

    Her mom is actor Carrie Fisher.

    Carrie, Debbie, and Billie on the red carpet

    6. Drew Barrymore's paternal grandparents are actors John Barrymore and Dolores Costello.

    Her dad is actor John Drew Barrymore.

    John in a houndstooth jacket

    Her paternal great-grandparents are actors Maurice and Georgie Drew Barrymore and Maurice and Mae Costello.

    7. House of the Dragon actor Ty Tennant's maternal grandfather is Doctor Who actor Peter Davison.

    His mom is actor Georgia Tennant, who had a guest spot on Doctor Who.

    Ty with his arm around Georgia

    8. Former Saturday Night Live cast member Abby Elliott's paternal grandfather is comedian Bob Elliott, who appeared on SNL in 1978.

    Her dad is Schitt's Creek actor Chris Elliott, who was an SNL cast member in the '90s.

    Abby and Chris wearing cold-weather jackets

    9. Games of Thrones actor Oona Chaplin's maternal grandfather is silent film–era star Charlie Chaplin.

    Her mom is actor Geraldine Chaplin.

    Oona and Geraldine sitting together

    10. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds actor Ethan Peck's paternal grandfather is Roman Holiday actor Gregory Peck.

    His dad is actor and documentary filmmaker Stephen Peck.

    Gregory, Stephen, and Ethan as a young boy

    11. The Vampire Diaries actor Steven R. McQueen's paternal grandfather is actor Steve McQueen, aka the "King of Cool."

    His dad is actor and race car driver Chad McQueen.

    Chad in sunglasses and giving the peace sign next to a poster of Steve giving the same sign

    12. Prizzi's Honor actor Anjelica Huston's paternal grandfather is The Treasure of the Sierra Madre actor Walter Huston.

    Both of them famously worked with director John Huston, who is Anjelica's dad and Walter's son.

    Anjelica and John sitting on rocks on the beach

    13. Veep actor Sarah Sutherland's paternal grandfather is actor Donald Sutherland.

    Her dad is actor Kiefer Sutherland.

    Sarah in a spaghetti-strap outfit and Kiefer in a three-piece suit and tie

    14. Bridget Fonda's paternal grandfather is actor Henry Fonda, who is known for The Grapes of Wrath.

    Her dad is actor Peter Fonda.

    Bridget and Peter smiling as Peter holds his Hollywood Walk of Fame plaque

    15. And finally, filmmaker Gia Coppola's paternal grandfather is renowned director-screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola.

    Gia and Francis sitting together

    Her father is actor-producer Gian-Carlo Coppola.

    Francis and Gian-Carlo in suits