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Make Some Difficult Choices To Find Out What Mindy Kaling Character You Are

We can't all be Kelly Kapoor.

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  1. You get a letter saying that you're going to inherit $100 million, but only if you use some of it for medical school. Pick a branch of medicine to go into.

  2. Your best friend is getting married, and they ask you to design the floral arrangements. Choose your flowers.

  3. You discover that the ugly lamp you got for your birthday contains a genie. What's your first wish?

  4. Your favorite talk show host is coming over for dinner. What are you cooking?

  5. You're in charge of planning this year's family vacation. Where are you going?

  6. You can only wear one color for the rest of your life. Choose wisely!

  7. You're about to walk your first red carpet. Who's your celebrity date?

  8. You just went viral on Twitter. What was your post about?

  9. You have an interview at Dundler Mifflin Paper Company! What job are you applying for?

  10. You're redoing your kitchen. Choose your design inspiration.

  11. You're at a bakery in Paris. Choose a pastry.

  12. And finally, you have the chance to guest star on a Netflix show. Which one will it be?

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