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Gen Zers Are Sharing The Millennial Trends They Plan To End, And TBH, They're Kinda Right

Nothing rose gold can stay.

As someone on the cusp of the millennial–Gen Z generational divide, I enjoy things that are stereotypically associated with both sides of the fence.

Vin Diesel saying "I like it here"
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I hold Starbucks and Dunkin' in equally high regard.

However, some Gen Z'ers are ready to let everything millennial fade away.

Let's just stop
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A while back, redditor u/Prolificvisions asked the question, "Gen Z, what are some trends, ideologies, social things, etc., that millennials did that you're not going to continue?"

Here are some of the top answers:

1. "Weird-ass eyebrows."

Thick Instagram eyebrows on fleek
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2. "That bad relationship millennials have with boomers."

"We will never have that problem with Gen X."


3. "Impact-font memes and saying 'Only '90s kids remember this' are high on the list."

"Only '90s kids remember" over a flip phone
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4. "Being social."


5. "Hipster food — it's too damn expensive."

Avocado toast
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"Why pay 50 bucks for a deconstructed salad when you can go all Peter Rabbit and nab some goods from a local garden?"


6. "I think self-deprecating humor is dying, and I think millennials started that."

"It’s seriously getting old when people say they're depressed as a joke."


7. "Choosing a 'financially stable' job over their dream job, then regretting it."

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"I know it’s depressing, but recently, a lot of younger millennials were talking about how they want to do something they like. My economics teacher is going to law school because she doesn’t make enough, and I just can’t think of a reason to justify that much debt. 

"Basically, they’re putting themselves in tons of debt to make enough money in something they enjoy. I can’t see a reason to justify it enough. I just want to find a field I’m GOOD at and don’t hate."


8. "Cringe culture — it's fucking DEAD."

"As long as it's not hurting themselves or others, let people enjoy things!"


9. "Cable television."

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"I really think making TV for streaming services is where we should end up." 


10. "I feel like my older peers seem to have an 'I hate my kids' mentality — putting them in front of tablets/phones and constantly complaining about how much of a struggle it is."

"No one forced you to have children. Complaining about them to your other older friends on Facebook is appalling."

11. "I hate the whole 'I’ve been doing this longer than you' vibe that millennials carry."

I know more than you
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"Don’t assume that just because someone is older than you and has been doing something longer that they’re automatically better at it than you."


12. "The whole craze with 'organic' and 'natural' foods. They are literally the same thing with only slight differences."

"I see them as tricks by advertisers to follow trends."


13. "The man-bun hairstyle."

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14. "Lip injections."


15. "Drinking IPA beer."

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"That's a no-go for me."


16. "Whatever happens, I just hope cancel culture gets canceled."


17. "I'm a millennial, but my cousin is Gen Z, and when we hang out, she refuses to watch Star Trek. So based on a sample size of one, Gen Z is going to kill the Star Trek franchise."

Spock says "Most illogical"
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18. "Going to university straight out of high school."

"I didn't go to uni. Instead I immediately started working full time, and at the point where kids I went to school with are finishing uni, I'm living comfortably and am considering going to uni now that I have work experience and have a job."


19. And finally: "Trashing on younger generations."

Marsai Martin gesturing "Stop"
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"When I see millennials get shit on by Gen X and boomers and then turn around and go, 'Fortnite sucks, kids these days eat Tide Pods, etc.,' I'm just bewildered. Is the turnaround period between bullied and becoming the bully that fast?"


Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Okay, millennials, let's flip the switch — what are some millennial trends you'll never give up? Sound off in the comments!