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    Matthew McConaughey Called Out A Doctor For Lying About Giving Him A Hair Transplant And Explained How He Has "More Hair Now Than In 1999"

    Talk about a hairy situation!

    You might remember that, back in the '90s, while Matthew McConaughey's star was rising, his hairline was receding.

    in a picture from 1999, his hair appears thick and curly, but upon closer inspection, you can tell it's thinning at the sides, and his hairline is receding

    Of course, he totally rocked any look, whether he had a full head of hair or not.

    at a movie premiere in 1999, Matthew's hair is cropped short, and he walks the red carpet wearing a heavy leather jacket over a dark shirt and pants

    However, in one of Hollywood's greatest unsolved mysteries, his luscious locks grew back almost magically.

    Matthew with shorter bleached hair in 1999 on the left and with fuller, darker hair on the right in 2005

    Recently, he told LADBible that he started by shaving off all the hair he had left because he "had read that, hey, get a fresh start...shave it off."

    in a still from Reign of Fire, his head is completely buzzed, but he has some facial hair

    He continued, "[Then] I get this topical ointment and I rub it into my scalp once a day for 10 minutes. I was fully committed to it."

    "I have more hair now than I had in 1999," he said.

    However, it wasn't long before someone tried to take credit for Matthew's work. He said that he ran into a "really renowned guy" who does hair transplants in Beverly Hills.

    at the Sing 2 premiere, Matthew walks the red carpet in a structured suit jacket over a satiny collared shirt with his long, curly hair slicked back

    The man told him that he'd always wanted to meet him because "Every year for the past five years, when we go to our international hair transplant convention, we always bring your picture up, and the director asks the audience, 'Who did this for Matthew?'"

    a presenter pulls up pictures of the actor before and after his supposed hair transplant

    According to the man, no one raised their hands for the first three years, but for the last two years another "very renowned hair transplant guy from, like, Denmark or something" took the credit for the actor's hair regrowth.

    To set the record straight, Matthew let the man feel his hair. He quickly realized that he didn't actually have any hair transplants.

    Then, the hair transplant specialist said, "I can't wait to bust this guy next year when he raises his hand."

    Of course, there should be no shame in getting a hair transplant, but lying like that is not alright, alright, alright at all.