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    17 Tweets About How The TVA Just Ate Their Popcorn And Let The Avengers Suffer During "Endgame"

    Some all-knowing intergalactic beings just want to watch the world burn.

    Warning: This post is burdened with glorious spoilers for Loki Episode 1, so if you haven't watched it yet, don't scroll any further until you do!

    In the first episode of Loki, our favorite disaster boy is arrested by the Time Variance Authority for his crimes against the sacred timeline — namely, for escaping the events of The Avengers (2012) and creating an alternate universe.

    he was intercepted by TVA agents shortly after escaping

    Yeah, it looks bad, but as both Loki and his fans were quick to point out, the TVA had a bit of a double standard when it came to dealing with the Avengers' time traveling in Avengers: Endgame.

    what the Avengers did was supposed to happen, but Loki escaping wasn't

    Twitter certainly had a lot to say:

    1. Both the TVA and the Eternals were like, "not my circus, not my clowns," even though it was very much their circus and their clowns.

    #Loki // spoilers - - - - literally

    @starkmxmff / Via Twitter: @starkmxmff

    2. They might as well have put a stethoscope to their portal.

    // #loki spoilers !! - - - the tva watching the avengers lose to thanos

    @scottlangfilm / Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @scottlangfilm

    3. Steve could create a whole alternative universe where he got to be with Peggy, but Loki couldn't enjoy five seconds of freedom.

    TVA: loki, you're under arrest for creating a variant of time for selfish reasons. EG!steve rogers:

    @buckywithgucci / NBC / Via Twitter: @buckywithgucci

    4. Someone told the TVA to pick their battles, and they took that literally.

    #Loki when he asked why The Avengers didn’t get caught when they travel back in time TVA :

    @Fze32 / Motown / Via Twitter: @Fze32

    5. It would only be fair for Cap to join Loki Season 2.

    #loki // spoilers the time keepers saying the time travel in endgame was supposed to happen.. NO!! ARREST HIM!!

    @virgorogers / Marvel / Via Twitter: @virgorogers

    6. They really just sat there and ate their food.

    #loki spoilers - - - the tva and the eternals watching the world fall apart

    @wintersromanoff / Via Twitter: @wintersromanoff

    7. Someone get Kevin Feige on the line.

    If Loki's finale's post credits scene isn't Steve Rogers chilling in a TVA cell reading a book about the moon then what's the point?

    @riricitaa / Via Twitter: @riricitaa

    8. Some bureaucratic organizations just thrive on chaos, I guess.

    #Loki spoilers - - - - Tva when the whole universe was fighting over infinity stones

    @bellsbensolo / Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @bellsbensolo

    9. Maybe Mobius accidentally dropped Steve's file in the trash.

    theres no way the tva were chill about steve skipping to a different tl!!!! no way!!! #loki #lokiwednesdays

    @twswidow / Lucasfilm / Via Twitter: @twswidow

    10. Every TVA uniform comes with a free pair of rose-colored glasses.

    #loki spoilers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - the tva just causally watching half the universe disappear in 2018

    @widowsmisery / Via Twitter: @widowsmisery

    11. At least we know the real reason Steve's hiding on the moon.


    @GoldenxHabit / Via Twitter: @GoldenxHabit

    12. Wanda, we'll let it slide.

    the fact that the TVA didn’t arrest wanda means that westview was supposed to and always going to happen. don’t hate her hate the timeline

    @furyofthegod / Via Twitter: @furyofthegod

    13. Maybe they have a secret alliance.

    #LokiWednesdays // SPOILERS tva 🤝 the eternals waiting around watching hell unravel and doing nothing to stop it

    @ftcbrnes / Via Twitter: @ftcbrnes

    14. Seriously, someone needs to check in and see if they've all been living under a very large rock.

    #loki spoilers / eternals and the tva watching infinity war and endgame go down

    @koryverse / Def Jam Recordings / Via Twitter: @koryverse

    15. They did tell him he could never win.

    loki seeing everyone in the TVA judging him while steve rogers literally lived in the wrong timeline for decades: #Loki

    @buckywithgucci / Via Twitter: @buckywithgucci

    16. Always the bad guy, never the bride.

    #LOKI SPOILERS!! - - - - - - - - - - - loki from the tva watching the avengers be able to break timeline rules

    @IokisIover / Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @IokisIover

    17. In conclusion:

    @616sLOKI / Marvel / Via Twitter: @616sLOKI