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    23 Details About Loki You Need To Know Before His Disney+ Show

    I am burdened with glorious context and backstory.

    Marvel's latest TV series, Loki, drops this Wednesday on Disney+. However, if you've been out of the loop or you're just a little confused after the events of Avengers: Endgame, you might be wondering how he's still around to star in his own series.

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    Don't worry, I've got you.

    Here's everything you need to know before watching Loki on Disney+:

    1. Loki grew up on Asgard as a prince alongside Thor, and Odin always told them one of them would be king someday.

    Odin never specified which son would be king but young Thor acted as if he'd assume the throne
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    While they appear human, they're actually Æsir — the aliens who inhabit Asgard and appear as gods in Norse mythology.

    2. He sabotaged Thor's coronation day by allowing the villainous Frost Giants to storm the palace, only to find out he was one of them when he followed Thor to Jotunheim to seek vengeance.

    Odin says his original plans no longer matter
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Odin spent Loki's entire life hiding the fact that he'd been born to Laufey, the leader of the Frost Giants, then abandoned and left to die. Odin took him and raised him as his own in hopes of using him to keep the peace between Asgard and Jotunheim.

    3. When Odin fell into the Odinsleep, Loki took over as king.

    Loki tells Heimdel that he's sworn to obey his new king
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Thor wasn't there because Odin had already kicked him out of Asgard for trying to reignite the war with the Frost Giants.

    4. At the end of Thor, he threw himself into a wormhole, marking the first time he faked his own death.

    he let go of the staff Odin was holding onto after his father told him he'd be a bad king
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    However, instead of killing him, the wormhole dropped him in Sanctuary, an asteroid inhabited by the Chitauri.

    5. In Sanctuary, he met the Other, one of Thanos's servants, who gave him control of the Scepter and promised to make him the ruler of Earth if he brought them the Tesseract, which houses the Space Stone.

    the other promises Thanos the universe will be his
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    He was also given command of the Chitauri army. Using the Scepter, he placed Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Erik Selvig under mind control.

    6. He was defeated by the Avengers and taken back to Asgard for sentencing.

    Fury assures the council Loki will answer for his crimes on Asgard
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    After throwing the fact that he'd saved Loki from certain death as a child right back in his face, Odin sentenced him to a lifetime in the dungeon. Odin also told him he was only still alive because of his mother, Frigga.

    7. While he was in prison, Frigga was killed by the Dark Elves, and Thor freed him so they could seek revenge together.

    Thor tells Loki that he doesn't trust him, but Frigga did
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    While Sif and the Warriors Three insisted against it, Thor was willing to give his brother one last chance.

    8. In Svartalfheim, he faked his own death again, then he returned to Asgard and took the throne by masquerading as Odin.

    Loki staged a heroic death
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Before leaving to return to Earth, Thor visited Odin's throne room to turn down the crown. As Odin, Loki insinuated he was proud of Thor.

    9. When Thor returned to Asgard, however, he saw through the ruse and made Loki take him to find the real Odin again.

    Thor threatened to kill Loki if he didn't tell the truth
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Thor knew it was him because the Nine Realms had fallen into chaos while "Odin" sat around in his bathrobe eating grapes and staging plays in Loki's honor.

    10. Together, the brothers witnessed Odin's death, and they discovered they had a secret sister, Hela, who was destined to bring about Ragnarok.

    Odin waited until his final breath to tell the boys about their sister
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Before he died, Odin finally told his sons that he imprisoned their older sister because of how violent she was. When she finally appeared, she destroyed Mjolnir and transported Thor and Loki to Sakaar.

    11. While stranded on Sakaar, Loki got cozy with the Grandmaster before eventually siding with Thor and the Revengers to save Asgard.

    Marvel / Via Disney+

    The brothers teamed up with Valkyrie and Bruce Banner to escape Sakaar and get home to Asgard.

    12. In order to defeat Hela, they had to bring about Ragnarok — the end of the world on Asgard.

    Thor told him they had to bring about Ragnarok
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Loki grabbed Surtur's crown from Odin's vault and brought the monster back to life while the other Revengers got the remaining Asgardians to safety. Thor thought Loki went off on his own afterward, but Loki surprised him by joining him on the ship.

    13. Thor, Loki, and the Asgardians escaped their crumbling realm on a spaceship, but Thanos and his minions found them.

    Thanos's children massacred the Asgardians
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Thanos threatened to kill Thor if Loki didn't hand over the Tesseract, which he'd failed to turn over in 2012. However, even having the Hulk on their side couldn't stop Thanos, and he smashed the Tesseract to get to the Space Stone.

    14. Loki tried to trick Thanos into believing he was switching to his side so he could stab him, but Thanos saw through his lies and snapped his neck.

    Thanos stopped his dagger with the space stone
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Because he died before Thanos's snap that killed half the universe, he wasn't brought back to life when Bruce Banner/the Hulk reversed it.

    15. However, in Avengers: Endgame, when Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, and Scott Lang traveled back to the events of The Avengers (2012), a past version of Loki escaped with the Tesseract, creating an alternate timeline.

    Loki simply picked up the fallen Tesseract and vanished
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Hulk knocked the Tesseract out of Tony Stark's hands, and it conveniently slid over to Loki.

    16. The version of Loki in Loki is the one from The Avengers, making any character development since 2012 irrelevant.

    Marvel / Via MCU

    Basically, this version of Loki has only lived through the events of Thor and The Avengers. In his timeline, both of his parents are still alive, Asgard still stands, and Thanos's reign of terror is only getting started.

    17. From the trailers, we know that Loki is transported to the Time Variance Authority, which, according to Marvel comic lore, exists outside of all space and time.

    Marvel / Via Disney+

    The TVA's job is to oversee all of the timelines in the multiverse — all of the alternate universes in existence. However, their authority is disputed by several prominent figures, such as Kang the Conqueror (a time traveller who brought peace to Earth-616 who later tried to conquer Earth), Alioth (the first being who ever broke free of time's constraints), and Revelation (an alternate version of Ravonna Renslayer who ruled at Kang's side). As of right now, the only one set to appear in the MCU is Kang, who will be introduced in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023).

    They're also challenged by the Congress of Realities, an organization made of representatives from virtually every reality. 

    18. He'll meet Mobius M. Mobius, who was created by the Time-Keepers to protect the "sacred timeline" from dangerous criminals.

    Owen Wilson in a scene as Mobius M. Mobius
    Marvel / Via

    In the comics, TVA agents like Mobius are born and raised to work in the organization, and they're TVA agents for life. 

    19. He'll also meet Ravonna Renslayer, a judge at the TVA who's linked to the organization's biggest enemy in the comics.

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw sitting in a scene as Ravonna
    Marvel / Via

    In the comics, she was born as a princess on Earth in the 40th century. Kang the Conqueror left her kingdom, Carelius, untouched because he was in love with her. However, she refused his proposal, and in the future, she teamed up with the Avengers to defeat him. 

    20. He's canonically genderfluid in both the MCU and the comics.

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @LokiOfficial

    Eagle-eyed fans noticed that some official TVA paperwork in a trailer listed Loki's sex as "fluid." In a 2014 comic, Odin called Loki "my son and my daughter, and my child who is both."

    21. He's a powerful sorcerer whose powers include astral projection, shapeshifting, conjuring illusions, and teleportation.

    Loki in a scene using illusions to hide his true feelings
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    He's Asgard's most powerful magic wielder.

    22. In the comics, he was once worthy of lifting Mjolnir.

    Thor holding Mjolnir
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    As John Mulaney once said, it's important to me that you know that.

    23. And finally, new episodes will drop every Wednesday on Disney+.

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