Lizzo's Eyebrows And Hair Are Now As Platinum As "Truth Hurts"

    Lookin' good as hell 🌟.

    You know Lizzo — "Truth Hurts" singer, tiny purse carrier, and accidental star of an almost real-life rom-com alongside Chris Evans.

    She's also known for pulling bold looks, such as the corset she wore yesterday with her own photo taped over the Mona Lisa.

    I, for one, live for Lizzo's fashion moments, which is why I was very excited to see this TikTok come across my FYP:


    👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾 @thealexxmayo

    ♬ Shake That Ass x Roll Me Up - J.Earl 🌟

    In the video, Lizzo lip-synchs along to "Shake That Ass x Roll Me Up" by J. Earl while showing off the process of bleaching her eyebrows.

    she startz with bleach over both brows

    Finally, she debuts her bleached blonde brows along with platinum blonde hair.

    her eyebrows and hair are both bleached now

    And can I just say, blonde Lizzo did not come to play.

    And, of course, she gave us this fresh photo with the bomb lighting.