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    19 Last-Minute Plot Twists So Terrible They Ruined Perfectly Good Movies

    There's nothing worse than a terrible twist ending.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community what perfectly good movies were ruined by last-minute plot twists. Here are some of their most ~disappointed~ responses.


    Late Night with Seth Meyers / Via

    1. When Kylo Ren/Ben Solo died after kissing Rey in The Rise of Skywalker.

    Ben kisses Rey then dies in her arms
    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via Disney+

    "The movies are leading up to this big moment that will reveal why the two of them are connected. She heals him. He heals her. They kiss, and he dies. Like WHAT? That’s all? He finally becomes a likable character you can root for, and you kill him off with a snap of the fingers? Nah. I didn’t come here to see the entire Skywalker clan killed off so Rey can take their name."


    "You have to admit, the death of that beautiful man and his beautiful sweater is a tragic loss."


    2. When Dana and Marty found out they were being tortured to appease a mysterious pantheon of gods in The Cabin in the Woods.

    The Director tells Dana that the Ancient Ones will only remain below if they accept their sacrifice
    Lionsgate / Via Hulu

    "They should’ve come up with a better explanation for why they were doing what they were doing."


    3. When Evelyn Deavor, one of Elastigirl's buisness partners, was revealed to be the villain in Incredibles 2.

    Evelyn reveals her identity to Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible
    Pixar / Via Disney+

    "It was a predictable, cliche, bland, and uncreative plot twist. Evelyn was snarky and against heroes the whole movie, so why would her role as the villain surprise anyone? After the first movie created one of the best villains ever, I was disappointed. It really dampened the whole female empowerment message, too."


    4. When Anna lived through the end of My Sister's Keeper instead of Kate.

    Kate comforts Anna through her death
    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    "I read the book before seeing the movie and braced myself for the ending. The main character dies, but her sister with cancer lives on. The movie changed the ending so that the main character lives while her sister dies. I was so upset!"


    "It ruined the emotional impact of the book. I was furious when I watched it because it just turned the story into a cheesy Hallmark version of it."


    5. When the family started to explode in Ready or Not.

    A family member suddenly bursts into a splatter of blood
    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

    "I just started laughing at how stupid it was."


    6. When Jaime and Paul just walked away at the end of It Follows without trying to find out more about the entity.

    There's a mysterious figure behind the couple
    RADiUS-TWC / Via

    "We’re left to just assume that 'it' will continue on to the next community 'it' destroys. There are no details related to what 'it' even is. Unless they come through with a follow up, it’ll remain one of the biggest disappointments in horror film history."


    7. When all the secrets the couples discovered about each other in Nothing to Hide turned out to be a dream.

    Léa says the phone game could've been fun to play, but Vincent doubts that
    Mars Distribution / Via Netflix

    "Just when they had aired everything out, they make it so 'it was all a dream.' None of the couples found out about each other’s secrets that would have been detrimental to their relationships, and instead they continued to lie to each other."


    8. When David drowned in a shallow mud puddle in Glass.

    An enemy shoves David's face into a mud-filled pothole
    Universal Pictures / Via

    "Everything after the final fight...the goddamned mud puddle, the stupid secret society, all of it. But I was the most pissed off by the mud puddle."


    9. When the Sugar Plum Fairy turned out to be evil in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

    Sugar Plum says that a true queen does what's best for herself
    Disney / Via Disney+

    "Lately, almost all Disney villains have been a twist villain, and it's just such lazy writing at this point. I mean, Frozen, Coco, Incredibles II, Wreck-it Ralph, Moana, Zootopia, Toy Story 3, and Big Hero 6 all had twist villains. What happened to just straight out saying, 'This is the bad guy. Here's a cool villain song. Have fun'?"


    10. When Sandy and Danny flew away in a car in Grease.

    Sandy waves goodbye from the passenger seat
    Paramount Pictures / Via

    "The movie becomes so much more unrealistic."


    11. When Tom turned out to be the ghost of Kate's organ donor in Last Christmas.

    Kate learns that Tom died in an accident last Christmas
    Universal Pictures / Via

    "I get that Kate grew from the experience, but it wasn't the kind of happy ending I was looking for when watching a Christmas movie."


    12. When one of the investigators turned out to be the master manipulator behind the legend of the Eye in Now You See Me.

    Morgan Freeman figures out what Mark Ruffalo's been up to
    Summi Entertainment / Via

    "Mark Ruffalo turns out to be the one who's behind everything even though he spent the whole movie as the cop investigating."


    13. When The Village had actually been set in the 21st century all along.

    The community members dressed like pioneers
    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    "It started out great, very suspenseful and scary. I totally got hooked in and couldn’t wait to see the monster everyone was so afraid of. There was no monster! It ended up that they were a group of people who created a society to live in a bygone era in an attempt to live in 'simpler' times instead of intense current times. "


    14. When Tyler died in 9/11 in Remember Me.

    September 11, 2001 is written on the chalkboard
    Summit Entertainment / Via Netflix

    "It was a sweet drama/romance that came out in 2010 with very few clues that it actually was taking place in 2001."


    15. When Wash was killed right after delivering an iconic line in Serenity.

    A piece of the ship pierces Wash's chest
    Universal Pictures / Via

    "Wash was killed just as he delivered his classic line, ‘I am a leaf on the wind.' Joss Whedon did him dirty!"


    16. When Nell, Marcus, Louis, and the others were tortured by a magic cult in The Last Exorcism.

    They watch helplessly as a demon baby is thrown into a fire
    Lionsgate / Via

    "It really seemed to be about the psychology of guilt and shame and the human mind, and then BAM! NOPE, THERE'S A DEVIL-WORSHIPPING CULT."


    17. When the heavily anticipated explosion was actually pretty small in Duel.

    Only the car explodes when it crashes into the gas tanker truck
    Universal Pictures / Via

    "The whole movie, this guy is being harassed by a tanker truck driver, and you watch with this anticipation that there's going to be one hell of an explosion at the end, which never comes. It's a pain you have to share, so I recommended it to several friends."


    18. When Paul and the mouse became immortal in The Green Mile.

    Paul tells Elaine he's 108 now
    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    "Tom Hank's character and the mouse get immortality after John Coffey died. I love that movie up until that point."


    19. And finally, when aliens whisked the kids away in Knowing.

    An alien ship drops the kids onto another planet
    Summit Entertainment / Via

    "Aliens were not mentioned at all throughout the film!"