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Lady Gaga Stripped Away All The Glam For Her Oscars Performance, And The Internet Has A Lot To Say About It

"Lady Gaga was once again like, 'I will only perform at the Oscars if it is filmed in the most uncomfortably intimate way possible,' and I love that about her."

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Lady Gaga showed up to the Oscars in a Versace gown and a full face of Haus Labs, her beauty brand.

Lady Gaga in a gown on the red carpet

Here's a closer look at her makeup!

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Close-up of Lady Gaga with bright cheeks and lips and dramatic eyes

Her talented makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, took inspiration from the women in Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video. She even called the look "Addicted to Blush."

Close-up of woman with bright, shiny lips, dramatic eye makeup, and bright cheeks

You can check out Sarah's full breakdown of the look on her Instagram.

However, Lady Gaga left all that glam behind when she took the stage to perform "Hold My Hand" from Top Gun: Maverick.

Gaga sitting on a stool onstage holding a microphone with torn pants, T-shirt, and no makeup

Aside from swapping her gown for a T-shirt and ripped jeans, she also appeared to be makeup-free (or at last wearing very minimal makeup).

Gaga smiling onstage

We actually got a very close look at her face when the performance opened with a pretty, um, intense zoom.

Close-up of Gaga biting her lip

On Twitter, fans are celebrating her for going against the typical beauty expectations for women who take center stage at such a major Hollywood event. However, they're also memeing the heck out of it.

Here are 20 of the best reactions:


Lady Gaga’s makeup artist after she took it all off to perform

NFL / Via Twitter: @emilybernay


The camera panning to Lady Gaga sitting like this #Oscars #Oscars95 #AcademyAwards

Pixar / Via Twitter: @kennysroys


Lady Gaga was once again like "i will only perform at the Oscars if it is filmed in the most uncomfortably intimate way possible" and i love that about her

Twitter: @davidehrlich


I wonder how many people in the audience envied Lady Gaga for taking all the makeup, drip, and excess off for the performance and being so comfortable on stage. https://t.co/rpKLfDV3tR

ABC / Via Twitter: @WajahatAli


NBC / Via Twitter: @TomZohar


No makeup, converse, t-shirt & ripped jeans kind of #Oscars performance from Lady Gaga

Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @ChicksInTheOff


Disney / Via Twitter: @MohanadElshieky


Lady Gaga stripping down completely of her makeup and gown really screamed “I just love the music not the bling” #Oscars

Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @joeymonda


The camera STAYS in Lady Gaga’s business during the #Oscars

ABC / Via Twitter: @ZoeRoseBryant


Lady Gaga performing Hold My Hand at the #Oscars with no makeup, dancers or special effects it’s the highlight of the night.

ABC / Via Twitter: @BumpDrunk


Why is this the POV they decided for lady Gaga’s number #Oscars #AcademyAwards

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @jonbon757


I love that Lady Gaga stripped off her makeup and fancy clothes and just nailed her live performance. She is remarkable #Oscars https://t.co/M33zWUPuAa

Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @ZaraTV


heavy makeup for the carpet then taking it off for the performance lady gaga i love you

Twitter: @wbkgaga


Lady Gaga doesn't need one stitch of makeup, any fancy dress or wacky costume. She is the absolute real deal, as is.

Twitter: @debbiemillman


Lady Gaga taking off her makeup and putting on jeans and a t shirt for her performance after being so glam is HUGE musical theater kid cabaret show energy

Twitter: @heyleslieb


Lady Gaga said I will introduce myself thank you.

Twitter: @korndiddy


everyone expected a big production but lady gaga has once again prove that all she need is her talent to stand out. all the glam being stripped away just an intimate performance with her voice #Oscars

ABC / Via Twitter: @allurequinn


lady gaga’s versatility needs to be studied #oscars

Arturo Holmes / Getty Images, Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @stevenartpop


lady gaga giving full open mic energy at the oscars like you don't understand i'm obsessed

Twitter: @christress

20. And finally:

Lady Gaga your hand will always be held

ABC / Via Twitter: @OliviaLilyMarks

You can watch her full performance below:

View this video on YouTube

ABC / Via youtube.com
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