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    Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Revealed That Their Whole Family Sleeps In The Same Bedroom, But They're So Gassy That They Didn't Realize There Was A Rotting Smell Coming From Their Mattress Pad

    "My whole family has gas, big [deal]."

    Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have always been an open book when it comes to their marriage and family.

    The couple arm-in-arm as they post on the Oscars red carpet

    And that includes their two kids, Delta and Lincoln.

    While they're notoriously private about their children's identities (they keep their faces covered in pictures), they're not quite as shy when it comes to sharing details about what it's like to parent them.

    For example, during a joint appearance on The View last year, they revealed that they wait "for the stink" until bathing their kids.

    on the red carpet, Kristen and Dax take a break from posing for the cameras to look lovingly into each other's eyes

    On a recent episode of Dax's podcast, Armchair Expert, Kristen revealed that their entire family sleeps in the same room.

    She said that "the girls sleep on the floor of our bedroom" while she and Dax sleep on an Ooler mattress pad, which uses a water-based system for heating and cooling.

    She also revealed that the family watches How It's Made together before they go to bed.

    While young kids sleeping in their parents' room isn't unheard of, it recently led to a pretty ~stinky~ situation for the entire Bell-Shepard family.

    at their table inside the Golden Globes, Dax and Kristen sample finger foods

    "My whole family has gas, big [deal]," Kristen said. "I wake up in the morning and I go, 'Wow, nobody's gas has dissipated, but it also smells like it's burning.'"

    Dax initially took the blame for the smell. He said, "I felt guilty because, minimally, I knew I contributed to it and perhaps was the leader of it."

    during a television appearance, Dax wears a striped shirt and overalls

    Kristen opened their French doors, but still, the smell returned the next morning. She tried washing their sheets, opening the doors, and lighting some candles.

    She said, "That night, I go to bed, I'm like, 'Does anybody else smell this, like, rotten garbage?'"

    wearing a crisp button-up shirt, Kristen smiles for a headshot

    The only other family member who smelled it was Delta, the youngest, who is "smell sensitive."

    They had the girls help them search the room for dog poop or rotting food, but they came up empty. The next day, Kristen enlisted Lincoln to help her find the source of the stench.

    Finally, when Kristen smelled Dax's "feet corner" of the mattress, she "almost hit the deck" and nearly passed out because of the horrible smell — it was the Ooler.

    When they went downstairs to tell him, Dax realized that, when he thought he was grabbing a cup of water from his messy nightstand to refill the Ooler, he must've accidentally grabbed an old protein shake instead.

    The next morning, they tried to clean it out, but they eventually decided there was no saving it.

    Hopefully, the family can sleep well now that they're not having rotted protein shake pumped through their bed, but maybe they should try a different solution for hot sleepers instead.