Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Spent A VERY Romantic, PDA-Filled Weekend In NYC, Despite Kanye West Calling Them Out

    V-Day is officially Kim and Pete Day now!

    While her ex, Kanye West, was busy posting memes about her new boyfriend on Instagram, Kim Kardashian spent her pre–Valentine's Day weekend in New York City with Pete Davidson, which started with dinner at Lilia in Brooklyn. The couple put their affection for each other on full display.

    Pete, who's wearing the most basic jeans and jacket possible, wraps his arm around Kim, who's wearing a floor-length holographic confetti coat

    They walked to the restaurant hand in hand.

    Pete is in jeans and a jacket, while Kim wears a very shiny fur coat and boots as they walk hand in hand down the street

    Then, they enjoyed their meal inside this cozy-looking outdoor booth with super-ambient lighting inside.

    Kim sitting in a yurt at a restaurant as a waiter looks in and another person holds the entrance flap open

    And they looked at eachother LIKE THIS, which I thought for sure only happened in romance novels.

    Pete smiles down at Kim gently while she gazes lovingly into his eyes

    Then, on Sunday, they dined at Cipriani, where they kissed for the first time in public. It's not the first time we've seen them lock lips, though. I mean, who can forget ~that~ Saturday Night Live sketch, where they kissed for the very first time?

    dressed as Jasmine and Aladdin, Pete and Kim kiss on the magic carpet in an SNL skit

    Meanwhile, Ye shared a series of now-deleted Instagram posts taking aim at the couple, including a meme featuring himself and Pete as Captain America and Iron Man in the Captain America: Civil War poster.

    Kanye West shares edited ‘Captain America: Civil War’ poster on Instagram featuring: • Drake • Julia Fox • Travis Scott • Future • Pete Davidson • Kim Kardashian • Kid Cudi • Billie Eilish • Taylor Swift

    Marvel / Kanye West / Pop Crave / Via

    He continuously referred to Pete as "Skete" and "Hillary Clinton's ex-boyfriend" (in reference to the comedian's tattoo of the politician).

    He also shared a screenshot of a text he received from Pete, which appears to say, "I’d never get [in the] way of your children...I hope one day we can meet them and all be friends."

    in the text, Pete assures Kanye that's he'd never get in the way of his kids

    However, earlier today — on Valentine's Day — after all of the other posts had vanished, Ye shared a screenshot of his estranged wife and Pete's dinner date from the Daily Mail, writing that he doesn't have beef with Kim and isn't "giving up on [his] family."

    dressed in a casual t-shirt and pants, Kanye sits on stage smiling with his phone in his hands

    "I bought this coat for Kim before SNL," he continued. "I thought it was particularly special."

    Kim's spectacular coat goes is covered with shiny, confetti fut and goes down past her knees, and it goes perfectly with her shiny thigh-high boots

    He said, "I have faith that we'll be back together."

    sitting together at a fashion show, Kim, wearing a monochromatic leather suit, appears bored and annoyed while Kanye, wearing a casual tracksuit, puts his feet on the chair in front of him and smiles

    Meanwhile, Julia Fox confirmed that her relationship with Kanye is over.

    both dressed in all denim, Kanye and Julia strut down the street together in Paris

    Later in the day, Kanye sent Kim a Valentine's Day present — a truckload of roses with the message, "MY VISION IS KRYSTAL KLEAR."

    Kim, for the record, has not acknowledged any of the drama, and her only Valentine's Day–related posts so far have been promotional, including this stunning shot for Skims.

    Well, here's to hoping everyone involved can move on and find peace.