The Real-Life "Anna Delvey" Gave Her Thoughts On Julia Garner's Accent In "Inventing Anna"

    Julia definitely put in the work, though!

    I've been obsessively watching Inventing Anna on Netflix, and honestly, Julia Garner's accent work is one of the most interesting parts.

    wrapped in a thick coat, Anna faces the cold New York City streets alone

    Julia plays Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, who masqueraded as a German heiress in order to con New York City's elite into funding her dream of being a rich and famous foundation owner.

    dressed in a long-sleeved babydoll dress, the real Anna is led out of the courtroom after sentencing

    The actor told IndieWire that nailing Anna's accent was "the hardest thing she’s done in her entire career."

    wide-brimmed hat and luxury bag in hand, Anna arrives at the hotel

    Julia said, "It’s a hybrid of different accents. This is a girl who said that she was German, and people believed it, but she actually was born in Russia, so she’s not going to have a Russian accent. And then she probably learned English in the British way because she’s European [and] they don’t learn American English.”

    Netflix granted Julia and her vocal coach, Barbara Rubin, access to records of Anna speaking in prison as well as video and audio interviews from the New York Magazine article that inspired the production.

    Julia arrives at the Met Gala in a sparkly dress with her short hair in messy curls

    On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Julia said, "First, I had to do like a European, a German accent, right? But it's very subtle, you have a vocal fry at the end of it. And then I had to add a little Russian for certain words...Then it gets Americanized because you know how Americans sometimes add a little question to the end of everything...Europeans don't do that."

    during a TV appearance, Julia wears a short, sheer, sparkly dress with a big bowtie, and she sits with her legs crossed and smiles

    However, her interpretation of Anna's accent has been criticized by viewers, and the actor admitted that, because she was filming the final season of Ozark at the same time, she was "kind of was forgetting how [she] sounded."

    sitting with her legs crossed on a TV appearance, Julia wears an edgy leather blazer and a shiny ear cuff

    During an interview, Insider played a few clips of Julia's accent work for the real Anna Sorokin — who said it wasn't entirely "off."

    dressed in a simple sweater with her hair pulled back, the real Anna listens in her court hearing

    Anna continued, "I think [Julia] kind of falls in and out of it. Some of it she gets right — but not everything."

    dressed in a zipped-up jacket with messy hair, Anna sits next to a guard in court

    "I was watching myself, what I was saying, but it's nothing like I ever experienced before, having somebody impersonate you so publicly."

    dressed in her prison uniform and thick glasses, Anna meets with Vivian in prison

    She added, "I don't feel like I sound like that."

    two officers lead the real Anna out of the courtroom

    However, Julia also had a chance to hear Anna's voice in real life when she visited her at the Albion Correctional Facility in New York.

    Vivian visits Anna in prison

    Julia told Entertainment Tonight, "[Anna] was like, ‘How are you playing me? What are you doing?’ And I was like, “Uhhh.’ I started freaking out inside...I didn’t want her to get disappointed, because obviously I still care. I’m playing her.”

    in character as Anna, Julia balances her armload of designer shopping bags and casts a suspicious look down the street

    Then, Julia said that in response, she started mirroring Anna, who found it "funny."

    Anna fixes her wet hair in the mirror

    Julia's approach to Anna's accent definitely adds character to the show, and I'm going to be listening more closely for all the ~layers~ she described.

    wearing a smart floral dress, Anna gives a self-satisfied smile