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Former Children's Party Entertainers, Tell Us About The Wildest Thing That Happened To You On The Job

What's it really like playing a character professionally?

Children's birthday parties are (probably) the only time you'd see Elsa, Spider-Man, and a clown in the same room.

Big Machine / Via

If, once upon a time, YOU were Elsa, Spider-Man, a clown, or another character at a children's birthday party, I really want to hear your wild stories from work!

Lillee Jean / Via

Maybe you had to ask a complete stranger to carry you to the pool in your mermaid tail, only to be completely abandoned when the cake was brought out.

NBC / Via

Or perhaps you accidentally made a child cry when they saw Batman leave their party in a Toyota Corolla instead of the Batmobile.

Fox / Via

Or maybe you were about to hit the high note in "Let It Go" when you vomited cake all over the birthday kid's brand new bike!

Disney / Via

If you've ever been a children's party entertainer, share your horror stories and wildest experiences in a comment below! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!