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    I'm Cackling At These 18 Fake Revenge Reviews That Got Debunked By The Business Owners Themselves

    I give all these customers one star.

    In theory, online reviews are a great place to get the inside scoop on the places you plan to visit or the products you plan to buy. However — because we can't have anything nice on the internet — some people write revenge reviews that twist the truth.

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    But sometimes, we get a taste of sweet, sweet poetic justice when the business owners themselves step in to respond with the receipts in hand.

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    Here are 18 customers who tried to tear down businesses with fake reviews and got called out by the owners:

    1. This disgruntled time traveler:

    2. This rival shop owner, who stooped to catfishing as a famous rapper:

    3. This dastardly Dasher:

    4. This reviewer who's still hung up on their ex:

    5. This car salesperson who forgot how Google works:

    6. This free haircut finesser:

    7. This meddling ex-manager:

    8. This pissed-off Pokémon Go player:

    9. This hater who got terminated by Schwarzenegger:

    10. This embellishment with deadly consequences:

    11. This person who needs to get their watch fixed:

    12. This confusing customer:

    13. This fishy review:

    14. This reviewer, who probably wasn't expecting receipts:

    15. This testy tenant:

    16. This café customer, who got called out on their own actions:

    17. This bar patron who forgot about security cameras:

    18. And finally, this reviewer who didn't realize they were messing with Sherlock Holmes:

    H/T: r/quityourbullshit and r/trashy