29 Unsettling Pictures Of Actual Ghost Towns And Ruins That Show What The World Will Look Like Long After All The Humans Disappear

    Pictures of places that were abandoned in the past give us a terrifying look at our potential, post-apocalyptic future.

    From The Hunger Games to The Giver, I'm fascinated by a good dystopian story. However, I can't help but wonder what the world looks like outside of these societies. How many homes were left behind?

    Screenshot from "The Hunger Games"

    I imagine a lot of old cities would be abandoned, like the Rusty Ruins in Uglies. Our world already has a lot of abandoned places, like ghost towns and ruins. The pictures can be...unsettling, to say the least.

    Here are 29 creepy pictures of abandoned ghost towns and ruins:

    1. This abandoned Soviet mining settlement:

    An abandoned Soviet mining settlement

    2. An old gym inside that same settlement:

    An abandoned gym

    3. Kayaköy, a ghost town crumbling on a Turkish hillside:


    4. This Ukrainian hotel that was left behind after the Chernobyl disaster:

    An abandoned hotel

    5. An abandoned amusement park in Pripyat, which is close to the Chernobyl nuclear plant:

    An abandoned amusement park

    6. Inside an abandoned preschool in Pripyat:

    An abandoned children's school

    7. The police station and church in the Colombian ghost town of La Siberia:

    La Siberia

    8. One of the abandoned houses in La Siberia:

    An abandoned house with a horse in front of it

    9. And inside one of those abandoned houses:

    Inside an abandoned house

    10. This gold-mining settlement-turned-ghost town in what is now California's Bodie State Historic Park:

    An abandoned settlement

    11. Inside the old church in Bodie:

    An empty church

    12. Kaymoor One Mine, an overgrown coal mining town in New River Gorge National Park, West Virginia:

    An abandoned home

    13. And another part of Kaymoor One Mine, which has been completely reclaimed by the trees:

    An abandoned building with trees coming out of it

    14. The Wild West ghost town of Shakespeare, New Mexico:

    Shakespeare, New Mexico

    15. A sheepherder's wagon left behind in Shakespeare:

    An old wagon

    16. A room inside the Stratford Hotel in Shakespeare:

    An old bedroom in the Stratford Hotel

    17. This old cemetery in an American ghost town:

    An old cemetery

    18. And this ghost town cemetery somewhere in the deserts of the US:

    An old cemetery

    19. The ruins of this power plant on the Oder, a river on the German-Polish border:

    An abandoned power plant

    20. This abandoned house in what is now Italy's Cilento National Park:

    An abandoned house

    21. The Czech Republic's former "gateway to the world" in the Port of Hamburg:

    An abandoned area

    22. This Icelandic fish factory that lays in ruins:

    A fish factory in ruins

    23. What's left of the old downtown area in Rankin, Illinois:

    Abandoned buildings in Illinois

    24. The ruins of Celleno, a ghost village in Italy:

    Abandoned village

    25. A left-behind bike in Celleno:

    An old, rusted bike

    26. And the abandoned castle that crowns Celleno:

    An abandoned castle

    27. This ghost town on an old US military training area in Germany:

    An old ghost town

    28. This town that was left to the elements in Nevada:

    An abandoned town

    29. And finally, Fabbriche di Careggine, a sunken city in Italy that only appears when Lake Vagli is drained:

    Fabbriche di Careggine