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People Who've Waited On Celebs At Restaurants, How Much Did They Tip?

I bet Harry Styles always tips, like, 200%.

Quite a while back, I rounded up stories from servers who've waited on celebrities. To me, the most interesting (though unverified!) stories were the ones about who in Hollywood is a good tipper — and who's not.

For example, we had disappointingly bad tipper Stanley Tucci:

"At a previous place I worked, I waited on Emily and Felicity Blunt, John Krasinski, and Stanley Tucci. Nothing went wrong with their meal, and they were nice enough, but Stanley left less than a 10% tip on their $500 bill.

I heard from a friend who had waited on him at a different restaurant that that was standard for him. It was so disappointing."


Stanley Tucci smiling

And surprisingly great tipper Machine Gun Kelly:

"I served Machine Gun Kelly in a VIP section. He was really sweet and casually sexy without trying, and he tipped very well.

Something about him in person is just pure sex. I get Megan Fox's obsession."


Machine Gun Kelly smiling

And punk-rock band/super sweet tippers Social Distortion:

"The guys from Social Distortion got really excited when I said I knew who they were and left me some band merch along with the tip.

I don't remember if they tipped well because I was more excited about the merch."


Social Distortion onstage

Now, if you've ever served a celeb in a restaurant or bar, tell us what it was like! How much did they tip you, and how did you feel about the interaction? Share your stories in the comments, and they might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!