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14 Celebrities Who Had To Change Their Names Because Someone Else Was Already Using Theirs

I guess "Keaton" is a go-to stage name!

Some people who work in entertainment choose to go by stage names. Others, however, go by a stage name because it's a requirement, rather than an option, because someone else is already working under that same name.

Here are 14 actors and musicians who had to change their stage names because someone else was already using theirs:

1. When Diane Hall registered for her Actors' Equity card, there was already a Diane Hall, so she cycled through a few options — Dorrie Hall (her sister's name), then Corry Hall, and finally Diane Keaton (her mother's maiden name).

Diana Keaton walks a step and repeat in a sparkly suit, boots, and a beret

2. Because of the Fatal Attraction actor, the union made Michael Douglas choose a stage name. After looking through "K" names, he decided Michael Keaton was "good enough."

Michael takes off his sunglasses on the red carpet

3. The Weeknd had to drop the "e" from his stage name because of copyright issues with a Canadian band called The Weekend.

The Weeknd has his hands in his coat pocket for the World Food Program USA event

4. At first, David Jones went by Davie Jones, but he changed his stage name to Tom Jones because of The Monkees' Davy Jones. However, there was already a singer going by Tom Jones, so he settled on the iconic David Bowie.

David Bowie holds us guitar upright as he plays it onstage

5. When her real name was already taken at SAG, Emily Stone registered as Riley Stone. However, six months later, she went back and changed it to Emma Stone.

A close up of Emma Stone smiling

6. Because of an actors' union rule, 16-year-old David McDonald needed to choose a stage name, so he flipped through a music magazine until he settled on David Tennant — inspired by Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys.

David wears a light suit in front of a foliage background

7. William H. Macy goes by his full name so that people don't confuse him with the late actor, Bill Macy.

wearing a classic suit and tie, the actor smiles on the red carpet

8. At first, Michael B. Jordan considered going by Michael Bakari (his middle name) to separate himself from the famous basketball player he shares a name with, but he ultimately decided to keep his real name and add his middle initial.

Michael wears a long coat over slacks and a T-shirt for a red carpet event

9. Because of the Lost actor bearing the same name, Elizabeth Mitchell decided to act under the name Elizabeth Banks.

Elizabeth wears a matching suit to an event

10. When 18-year-old Patricia Neal needed to join Actors' Equity, her name was already in use by the actor from The Day the Earth Stood Still. With only an hour to choose her new stage name, she called her grandpa, who told her, “Honey, I remember a lot of comediennes named Fannie who came through the vaudeville circuit, so maybe that would be a lucky name for you.” Then, her friend suggested the full name Fannie Flagg after their friend's grandmother.

Fannie Flagg with her mouth open in shock and a telephone in her hand

11. FKA Twigs added the acronym for "formerly known as" to her stage name because another artist who goes by Twigs asked her to change it.

FKA Twigs at a BandLab awards show

12. Because her name was already being used by the Duel in the Sun actor, Jennifer Jones changed her name to Gemma Jones, after the female lead in her father's movie Escape Me Never.

Gemma Jones wear tights and a gingham coat at an event

13. Katheryn Hudson released a pair of gospel albums under her real name, but when she signed with Capitol Records as a pop artist in 2007, she decided to go by Katy Perry so people wouldn't confuse her with actor Kate Hudson.

Katy Perry waves as she exits a vehicle in an all leather outfit

14. And finally, even though she had registered with SAG as Vanessa L. Williams, to avoid such issues early in her career, several newspapers confused former Miss America-turned-actor Vanessa Williams for New Jack City actor Vanessa Williams.

A close up of Vanessa Williams smiling