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Choose Your Favorite Baby Names And We'll Give You A Dad Joke

What's in a name?

Congratulations! You've just been crowned the Official Namer of Newborns.

Disney / Via GIPHY

While the title doesn't come with benefits like health insurance or a salary, the rewards are much more entertaining — dad jokes!

Rosanna Pansino / Via GIPHY

All you have to do is choose names for these babies, and then you'll be compensated with a ~pun-tastic~ dad joke in the end!

  1. Give this bundle of joy one of the top girl names of 2020.

  2. Now choose one of the top boy names of 2020.

    A sleeping baby with dark hair
  3. Choose a name fit for royalty.

  4. Get this baby's story off on the right foot with a literature-inspired name.

  5. Give this baby a magical Disney-inspired name.

  6. Name this baby after an Old Hollywood star.

  7. Choose someone to name this baby after.


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