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    15 Questions I, An American, Have About The British School System

    Was it even a little bit like Hogwarts?

    Like many 2014 ~Tumblr girls~, I was *very* enthusiastic about British pop culture.

    forgotten early 2010s aesthetic: the teaboo

    @pk_kenzie / Via Twitter: @pk_kenzie

    This was, unfortunately, me.

    This Doctor Who–driven fascination even led me to study abroad in the UK as part of a summer program in college.

    Thankfully, "really likes Doctor Who and Sherlock" is no longer a major part of my personality. However, all these (not so many) years later, I still have a lot of questions about the British school system.

    1. Do you get sick of wearing uniforms?

    2. What's the difference between college and university?

    Ed Sheeran sings a lot about not going to uni. Who is heckling him at Wembley with "yeah but you didn't get a 2:1 in criminology from Keele"

    @rhysjamsey / Via Twitter: @rhysjamesy

    Uni is the one Ed Sheeran sings about.

    3. How do you become a prefect?

    aesthoskies / Via

    Is it like running for class president, or is it more of a teacher's pet situation?

    4. Can you retake your A levels, like the SATs?

    5. How did your school sort people into houses?

    6. Did you have to take an American literature class?

    7. Do you have school buses?

    8. What were your school lunches like?

    9. Why do you call school dances "discos"?

    10. Why is "maths" plural?

    11. Do your universities ever have mascots that are just important historical figures?

    12. How does the Year 1, Year 2, etc., grade level system work?

    13. What's up with the tea towels?

    Name a better invention than the primary school tea towel, I’ll wait...

    @KennyRatchet / Via Twitter: @KennyRatchet

    14. How do you choose the subjects for your A levels?

    15. And finally, was it anything like Hogwarts?