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    People Are Sharing The Romantic Movie Moments That Would Actually Be Creepy In Real Life

    I'm looking at you, Noah from The Notebook.

    When you're watching a movie, ESPECIALLY a rom-com, it's easy to get caught up in all the ~feels.~

    However, once the credits roll, you may begin to realize that some moments that seemed "romantic" would actually be SUPER creepy if they happened to you IRL.

    So when redditor u/Dabrigstar asked, "What's something that is romantic in movies but creepy in real life?" the answers were enough to make me rethink a TON of classic rom-coms.

    1. Breaking into your crush's home to leave gifts:

    2. Starting out your entire relationship with a lie:

    3. Crashing a wedding right before the vows:

    4. Relentlessly pursuing an ex who isn't interested anymore:

    5. Planning a super-public proposal:

    6. Proving your fake relationship is real in front of your family:

    7. Stalking your new crush:

    8. Refusing to give up on the person who doesn't like you back:

    9. Singing to the person you love:

    10. Shooting your shot while on the clock:

    11. Constantly fighting with your significant other:

    12. Almost breaking someone's window to get their attention:

    13. Refusing to profess your feelings before your love interest makes it through TSA:

    14. Spending more time making poster boards than actually working through your feelings:

    15. Forcing your partner to choose between their career and the relationship:

    16. Getting notes from a secret admirer:

    17. Showing up on your ex's doorstep:

    18. And finally, basically everything Noah does in The Notebook:

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.