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    People Are Sharing The Romantic Movie Moments That Would Actually Be Creepy In Real Life

    I'm looking at you, Noah from The Notebook.

    When you're watching a movie, ESPECIALLY a rom-com, it's easy to get caught up in all the ~feels.~

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    However, once the credits roll, you may begin to realize that some moments that seemed "romantic" would actually be SUPER creepy if they happened to you IRL.

    So when redditor u/Dabrigstar asked, "What's something that is romantic in movies but creepy in real life?" the answers were enough to make me rethink a TON of classic rom-coms.

    1. Breaking into your crush's home to leave gifts:

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    "Someone coming home and finding their entire apartment full of flowers, when the sender obviously had no legal way to get in."


    2. Starting out your entire relationship with a lie:

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    "Those elaborate plots that trick the other person into falling for you."


    3. Crashing a wedding right before the vows:

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    "Stopping someone's wedding and asking them to be with you. Really? You couldn't shoot your shot before the wedding? It's not a surprise event. You're really going to embarrass everyone involved and destroy their wedding day when you could have just shown up last Wednesday?"


    4. Relentlessly pursuing an ex who isn't interested anymore:

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    "Sorry, dude, leaving wine and roses in your ex-girlfriend's car while she's at work isn't cute. It's super creepy and stalkerish."


    5. Planning a super-public proposal:

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    "An overdramatic proposal in front of a bunch of strangers."


    6. Proving your fake relationship is real in front of your family:

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    "When 'couples' are fake-dating and trying to convince their family, then the family forces them to kiss in front of everyone to prove their love. No family would ever do this in real life. It’s weird. Like, please make out in front of Nana and your Uncle Ken."


    7. Stalking your new crush:

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    "Bumping into the same person over and over again."


    8. Refusing to give up on the person who doesn't like you back:

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    "Obsessive and unrequited love sometimes spanning YEARS that ultimately succeeds because the less interested party gets worn down and realizes they’re a big dummy, and they loved the other person after all."


    9. Singing to the person you love:

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    "Serenading them at their doorstep."


    10. Shooting your shot while on the clock:

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    "Hitting on a client or customer. In movies, the employee who does that is often charming and good-looking, and it is reciprocated. In real life, it's a fast way to get fired."


    11. Constantly fighting with your significant other:

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    "Constantly having scream-fighting matches with your partner because you’re both so 'passionate,' like in The, nah, bro. You’re just incompatible."


    12. Almost breaking someone's window to get their attention:

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    "Romantically throwing rocks at someone’s window to get their attention. You better be ready to pay for insurance."


    13. Refusing to profess your feelings before your love interest makes it through TSA:

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    "Breaking through airport security to profess your love. Have fun getting tased and sent to prison."


    14. Spending more time making poster boards than actually working through your feelings:

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    "Telling someone you have feelings for them using handwritten signs and a cheap tape player outside their home just weeks after their wedding at which you were the best man while their husband who is your best friend sits inside watching a quiz show."


    15. Forcing your partner to choose between their career and the relationship:

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    "There’s always a big event or a promotion that one of the characters is up for, and they make this big, embarrassing speech, like, 'Thank you for this promotion that I have worked my entire life for...actually, you know what...I can’t accept this. I choose LOVE.' You can have both."


    16. Getting notes from a secret admirer:

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    "Shyly sending notes or other hints to their love interest, especially if they remain anonymous."


    17. Showing up on your ex's doorstep:

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    "I hate watching people show up at someone’s doorstep after they have been dumped. If you have been broken up with, have some dignity and respect for the other person and don’t continue to haunt them as they try to move on."


    18. And finally, basically everything Noah does in The Notebook:

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    "You know, the movie that is world-renowned as essentially being the most romantic film/story ever? Noah climbs out onto the bars of a Ferris wheel AT THE TOP and essentially threatens suicide if someone who is basically a stranger and who is there with her boyfriend doesn’t agree to go out with him!"


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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