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    • kristenh33

      Some thoughts, comments, and concerns to the author… I can acknowledge that Sociology is a true science that does make actual and significant discoveries. However, it’s crap…yes crap…like this that takes away from its credibility. #9 - The gif actually portrays your tone…you being the screaming adult.  #15 - This rule does not apply to anyone you label as conservative/republican… in that case you can go ahead and unfairly stereotype those people. They’re just entitled overprivileged idiots who don’t have the brain capacity necessary to comprehend your sociology theories. Emphasis on theories.  #16 - *sigh* …. see #15.  #19 - You hate it, yet you have no problem reaping the benefits.  #21 - History, not theories, but actual events have shown how socialism/communism actually works. On paper it looks great, but fails when put into practice…just ask Russia, China, and Germany, OR any of the millions of immigrants from around the world desperately trying to gain American citizenship. Capitalism = opportunity.  #23 - Scientifically supported…except for the stuff you choose ignore…oh and how much of it is based on theory, assumptions, and perception. It’s kind of ironic the you uses a gif from The Sound of Music, since it was a communist leader that led to them having to escape their own country. You know…that whole WWII thing was real, not just part of the movie.  #27 - Science, especially social science, is objective. I believe one of the “fathers” of sociology even said it couldn’t be completely free from bias. Just because you’re educated, doesn’t mean you can turn off your opinion and perception.  #35 - Translations…everyone must be viewed without any predispositions from their appearance. Unless you have white skin, then any harmless attempt you make at ending racism will be thrown back in your face.  #54 - Sociology is a required course in most college programs and an elective in most high schools. What’s plan B? #60 - Now run along and use all that knowledge and insight to judge other people…and become a teacher, instructor, or professor.

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