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6 Signs That Your Phone Is Controlling Your Life

Are you, loved ones or people in general always on the phone? Then, here are 6 signs that your phone is controlling your life.

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1. You have a panic attack when you can't find your cellphone

Who hasn't felt panicked or like it's the end of the world when they can't find their phone. 94% of people freak out when they think they lost their phone. Also 7% of the 94% of people are in a hysteria over not having their phone with them or having misplacing it.

2. You have FoMo

Fomo is an acronym for the fear of missing out. It is statically known that 36% of people with ages ranging from 18-34 years old have fomo. Fomo is considered to be an epidemic for the millennial generation.

3. When being on your phone in class is more important than the class itself

Every student has wondered why they got a C+ in their Political science class. As they begin to look back on that class all they remember are memes or social media feed that they scrolled through their phone. Students are 97% distracted by their phones or use their phones in class for non-educational purposes. Also, studies show that about 50% of all college students are addicted to their phones.

4. You like to take pictures of the moment, rather than live in it

So, in the GIF right above Adele called out a fan who was recording her concert and told them that they could enjoy moment rather than record it. Even if its a nice day and go on a hike. Only to see someone pull out their phone and take a selfie instead of enjoying the view.

5. You're lost without your phone

When you're on your way to class or work and suddenly realize you forgot you phone at home you become stressed or upset. Unfortunately, time seems to move more slowly since you are looking for something to occupy yourself.

6. Being socially Inept

Ever have those really awkward social moments with people in general and walk away by trying to look at your phone or pretend to get a phone call. Phones have caused at least 89% of people to use their phone when at a social gatherings. It's sad to see how people would rather look at their phone than talk to other people or their friends. Also about 55% of teenagers and young adults would prefer to break up with their S/O over text than face to face.

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