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    There Is A New Company That Actually Makes Pretty Cleaning Products

    Cleaning products you don't need to hide in shame

    Society is a Los Angeles-based startup that is making it easier to clean by selling natural household and personal care products, beautifully designed, and, all at cost.

    Society / Via

    They have everything from a natural carpet stain remover, to a multi-insect killer, to even a hand-woven ayate washcloth, all sold at cost, without the price markup.

    Society / Via

    Yes, you read that right, pretty multi-insect killer.

    Society / Via

    By simplifying the supply chain and shipping products straight from the manufacturer to you, Society can sell products at literally half of the price.

    Society / Via

    You can join Society by signing up for a lifetime membership (yes, you heard it lifetime) during their 30 day Indiegogo campaign

    And if you're one of the lucky first few signups, you'll save MASSIVELY on the lifetime membership.

    Society / Via

    And they're expanding, looking to move into more heavy duty cleaning, beauty and grooming, and even pets.

    Their Chief Woof Officer makes sure that our doggies get some Society love too.

    Society / Via

    If you're in for some dope deals, pretty products, and maybe a good reason to start cleaning up, make sure to head over to their website.

    Giphy / Via
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