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8 Ways To Buy Used Furniture That Are Less Creepy Than Craigslist

The best part of Craigslist is undoubtedly the slightly-creepy but charming Missed Connections section. But moving to a new place and trying to find furniture? It's hit or miss and sometimes off-putting. Here are eight other ways to shop for local used furniture for your home or apartment.

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1. The Chicago Magazine Classifieds

In the Chicago area? Local magazines are the way to go for finding real people selling really good stuff. Chicago Magazine just launched its own classifieds section online that features local buyers, sellers and traders selling their used goods.

2. (Pronounced Curb) is the place to buy and sell with your neighbors. Krrb uses your location to find furniture for sale near you, and you can contact sellers and buyers through the iPhone app or website. The classifieds are beautiful and simplified.

3. Apartment Therapy Classifieds

Apartment Therapy Classifieds. Apartment Therapy is trying to change the world one room at a time. What you probably don't know is that they have their own classifieds section with some of the best used and local furniture around.

4. Etsy Local

Etsy Local. Did you know you there is a 'shop local' option over on Etsy? If you'd prefer picking up your items (or getting local delivery) this is the way to go. Shipping costs can add up--use Etsy local to score some local finds.

7. This California-based company combines the best of flea market scavenging with the beauty of a catalogue. The founders describe Fleapop as "A simple way to build a beautiful shop from the things in your home."

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