17 Homegoods That Trick People Into Believing You’re An Adult

Good job! You’re kind of figuring things out. And honestly, everyone is always just trying to figure it out. Fake it till you make it right? Thanks to Krrb.com for the finds!

1. So you’re an “adult” now

2. …But you’re living like you’re still in college.

Here are some household purchases to trick people into thinking you’re kind of grown up now.

3. A Real Bed

You may have squeezed into an extra long Twin (alone or coupled)

But it’s time to allow yourself to spread out on more pillow-topped real estate

—>Buy now in Chicago for $200

4. A Non-Foldable Chair

Portable and “perfect for the tailgate” are a thing of the past…

But it’s now time to consider curling up in something that isn’t built for “on-the-go”

—>Buy new at Ikea for $279.00

5. Proper Lighting

Your idea of romantic lighting consisted of stringing some X-mas lights around your room

But it ain’t really about romance anyway, so just find some lights that you turn off before you pass out (let’s be honest, working all day is hard)

—>Buy the set in Carson, CA for $185

6. A Matching Pan Set

Ramen in the microwave is a thing of the past

Ok, maybe not, but at least look more mature and cook the ramen in a fancy pot.

—> Buy this vintage set in Warrenville, IL for $550

7. A Bedside Table

Using your sock drawer as a nightstand seemed brilliant at the time…

For sale in Somerville, MA for $185 / Via krrb.com

But now it’s time to swear off plastic bedroom furniture.

—> Buy this in Arlington, MA for $185

8. Proper Dining Set

It was cool to have a hand-me-down place to eat …


But find a few chairs that don’t wobble.

—> Buy in Baltimore, MD for $350

10. A Coffee Pot

$4 a day on a frapp was no big thing since it went on your meal card anyhow…

But now is the time to save $50 a month and make your own coffee.

—>Buy in Brooklyn, NY for $15

11. Real Art

Hanging a picture of Brooke Burke was definitely a good idea at the time…

But trade in the thumbtacks for a proper frame and some art you don’t need to cover up when family visits.

—>Buy on Etsy for $23.00

12. A Couch

Finding a used couch was totally a huge score…

But there are some benefits to a couch you don’t have to double-check for bedbugs. And matching pillows really do look and feel nice.

—>Throw pillows for sale in Santa Clarita, CA for $80

13. A Wine Opener

Having a bottle opener screwed to your wall was a big upgrade from your keychain…

But consider a wine opener and stopper for storing the leftovers (when there are any).

—>Buy from Brookstone for $39.00

14. A Spice Set

Sriracha was your one and only…

And while Sriracha is still king, upgrade to a stack of spices and have fun learning a few new recipes.

15. A Knife Set

Using the same knife to cut your steak and spread your peanut butter was quite efficient…

But plop one of these bad boys on your counter and you’ll have people thinking you have high-level chef skills.

—> For sale in Brooklyn, NY for $25

16. Window Treatment

Using discarded sheets as window coverings was inventive …


But a bit of matching fabric goes a long way in making a space feel more put-together.

—>Buy from West Elm for $55

18. A Toolbox

One tool to rule them all…


But now it’s time to build a proper toolbox… Being able to fix a few things around your apartment feels empowering.

—> Buy from West Elm for $16

These are just tricks.

Adults and “adults” can drop the act and just have fun decorating their homes and apartments exactly as they want.

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