10 Creepy Fantastic Pieces Of Gothic Furniture Chosen By A Vampire

When Dracula redecorates, he has a surprisingly light and tasteful touch.

1. Give me all the furniture.

2. This will be perfect in my Great Hall.

Found on Krrb

3. The ripped book pages in the background are a nice touch.

Found on Krrb

4. Nooooo! Can’t look! Ok, this is awesome though.

Found on Krrb

5. Lamp with spear, induce fear.

Found on Krrb

6. Say your prayers. In a chair.

Found on Krrb

7. I’d sleep in this.

9. But especially this.

10. Poke, poke with a fireplace poker.

Found on Krrb

11. For storying all my vampire diaries.

12. For hiding vials of blood.

13. Won’t you stay awhile?

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