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7 Things You Secretly Miss About High School

"There's gonna be a shin dig in the barn"

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1. Leaving class five minutes early to help your injured friend get to next period. / Via

Nothing felt more badass then dipping a few minutes before the end of period to roam the empty halls with our temporarily crippled friends.

2. Waiting for the fresh melty cookies in the cafeteria.


Hell no we weren't settling for the cold ones! We were gonna "take a bathroom break" from math class and make our way to the cafeteria and get in line.

4. School Musicals.


If you were in the musical, the pit, or the crew, then the musical was an unforgettable experience for you. Staying late and roaming the halls way after hours, locking your friends in the band lockers. Mmm memories.

5. Field Trips.


The field trips were sometimes sucky, but the highlight was the bus ride to get there. Sitting in the back rows and getting the whole bus to do a beautiful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

7. Cutting Class.


When you found out that your high school didn't call home till after third period so all you did was sleep in, get breakfast with your friends, and forge some doctors notes and go into school late. If you did this you beat the system.

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