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13 Things We Rather Do Then Listen To Trump Speak

This past Tuesday, Trump addressed congress in a televised conference. Listening to Donald Trump speak in any news conference or interview is truly exhausting . So here are some things we rather do then have to hear him. We rather...

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2. Look at memes of Nicole Kidman's big a** grinch hands.

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I mean come on. Besides the Best Picture mix up this is the second most scandalous absurd phenomenon from the Oscars. "Best Picture: Nicole Kidman's Grinch Hands."

5. Watch "2 Broke Girls."

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How this show is still on the air is truly baffling. If this show outlives Trumps presidency my mind will be blown. However, I rather listen to the characters of this show degrade women than listen to Trump do it.

6. Read Bill Cosby's book on fatherhood.

I rather get a good chuckle from this book by a discredited man than sit in front of a television where an orange man is trying to mansplain Uranium.

7. Be foot tickled for the rest of eternity.

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Imagine it: you're 8 years old. You're getting a pedicure. The nail artist takes advantage of your bare foot. You begin laughing till it hurts. The tears running down your face don't give her reason to stop. BUT, imagine this: Trump saying that the anti- Semitic threats and signs were to make HIM look bad, not the Jews.... Im going to go get a pedicure later.

12. Hear that Elf is getting a sequel.


Yes, to some of you it's amazing news. But why add to something already so perfect. "Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?"

Wish they took the same advice for the person who got the job of President...

13. Watching Corinne get eliminated from "The Bachelor."


**SPOILER** she already was :( But it was better viewing pleasure then the Congressional Address.

There are tons of things we rather be doing but remember to stay informed. Knowledge is power, and so are naps.

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