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    I Have These No-Blister Walking Sandals In Four Colors

    Starting at only $30, this classic style of Teva sandals comes in dozens of colors and is a staple that's sold every summer, for both men and women.

    Hear me out: I know everyone knows about Tevas. In the ’90s, their signature “original universal” style of sandals were known as bad-granola-dad fashion (people say some really, really mean things about them on Reddit). But sometime around 2015 they were made cool again, thanks to “ugly shoes” being back in fashion.

    First of all, Teva’s “original universal sandal” is available in approximately 40 colors in women’s sizing and 30 in men’s sizing on Amazon, ranging from the aforementioned prints to (drumroll ...) solids. And colorblocked solids! Take a look at a few of my favorites below:

    Don’t trust me? Check out these promising reviews.

    Get them from Amazon for $54.95 (available in women's sizes 5–13 and men's sizes 7–14; and various colors).